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Seeming to be making changes for myself.... :)




So that busy summer rolled right into the rest of the year!


a LOT of fun stuff happening, family events and dinner parties for various reasons :)


I seem to be going through a "phase" HA


I've stopped biting my nails and now paint them (yep at 35 yrs old).. but the family had me stressed out and i bit them down some in ten nins last weekend!!!! I told DH it was all of their faults!! I started to wear makeup occasion (for no reason other than i want too) :)


I'm looking at new haircuts for when i donate it in the spring (current fav is meg ryans lnger pixie cut)


I feel like i'm making myself do a mommy makeover!!!.. DH is like whats this about.. ugh men!!!



I jumped n the hair high light wagon (ride on Mimi!!!) I've always wanted to do it and never did so now i've got purple highlights (woot) :) They will was out in about 4-6 weeks i guess :)


I need to get a better schedule for house cleaning and such.. i need to loo at motivated moms again.. might be a code out there.



Sorry for my many typeos.. my L key is no longer attached and its messes up many l.etters that surround it when i type!!

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Before I saw your typos comment, I thought, hey she's had more wine than me tonight!


Makeovers are good every now and then. :)



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There is a part of my day that rriitated me (but i have to consider the source)


It was "for as much as you work out your weight has not changed"


my reply was "correct but I'm more toned than a year ago"


reminding myself to "consider the source" AND i might kick up my workouts to prove a point to get past my 16 month long platue (sp)

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My SIL gave me an eyeball when she saw this spring. It prompted me for a long awaited weight loss. I bet she won't say anything at Christmas. Those Buffalo people:) I follow the flylady plan al much as possible. It keeps me motivated.

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:) Kicker is i'm a fair amount smaller than the woman who said this (i'm a size 10/12 which I"m fine with trust me prior to having the kids i was a 6).


I don't care what size ppl are trust me, as long as ppl want to make healthy changes to there lifestyle i'm all for it (health and wellness major here) :)


I hope she was just adding to the conversation as we where chatting about healthier eating, exercise and weight loss.

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I bought make up for the first time in many years two weeks ago (had a wedding to attend). Since I bought it, I've used it a few times. It does make me feel kind of good. I'm still not a make up gal, but a little around the eyes makes a huge difference. I'm still not going to color my hair. :)

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I used to have make up and i stopped wearing it about 8 yrs ago (or more) so i tossed it as it was long gone!!


My mom bought me some for my birthday this past spring )


Great colors (gotta love rite aid deals) and i've worn it about a dozen time since then )


some times i just put on mascara (more to practice)


Not seeing out of one eye and not well out of the other makes it more work for me but doable )

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I follow Flylady to a degree as well. It's really helped with my house which looks the best it ever has (and I'm 52). Having the house look decent has really improved my whole attitude and outlook. Now I'm working on my weight. I joined TOPS (like weight watchers but way less expensive).


So, I totally get where you are coming from. Just keep plugging along and feel good about your accomplishments.

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ZUMBA again today (hoping to go M and W) each week :)


I enjoy it, its not a hard work out but a work out.


I'm the youngest in the class besides the instructor!!!!

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