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Quick update, even though I should be working....

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We are rocking and rolling around here.


College funding is in full swing ($250/mo; plan to bump it up after mortgage is gone).

Retirement funding is at 26% of income, with plans to increase slowly over the next 4-6 months to max out all of our options. Both Roth IRAs are fully funded for this year; it's the 401k that we need to work on.


Even with retirement & college on auto, and higher amounts than I thought previously possible, we are still managing to throw snowballs to the mortgage. I originally thought we were switching gears by increasing retirement, but no- we are still on track to have our house paid for by my 40th birthday. (This is barring any major financial setbacks, of course, or any major life changes.)


I am pumped and excited. We are on track to meet our net worth goal by the end of the year, as long as the market gains back some of those wicked losses over the past week or two. (but if not, we'll be buying low!)


Ok, had to get that out. Back to work, making those snowballs!

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