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Heading out of town on business

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So I'm off to Toronto tomorrow on business. I am attending a seminar and conference on bookkeeping (so exciting, I know - lol!). I'm looking forward to it but am so not looking forward to being away from my kids. I'll be gone six days total! We are going to Skype to keep in touch but I know I'll miss them like crazy. I've never left them like this before. It is so much work for me to leave, too. You should see the schedule and notes I've had to leave DH. Fortunately our families are stepping in to help out with the kids. I've prepped meals so he won't order out. They are in the fridge and freezer with stickies on them saying what to do. He is good to make a couple of meals on his own, too. Then of course I want the laundry caught up (he destroys laundry so I don't want him to have to do it) and the house tidy. I think I'll sleep most of the way on the plane.


As for the conference itself, most meals are included and I'll eat simply when it's not, plus I'm sharing a hotel room with a colleague/friend so it won't be too expensive overall. My one splurge was getting a car rental. I've never been to Toronto and I want to be able to go doing some touring around on the couple free nights I have. I'm splitting it with my colleague/friend so it was only slightly more then having to take a cab to and from the airport. What's nice is my company account is paying for it all so it won't effect our personal budget, which is tight for September. The seminar I'm taking is on the business of bookkeeping and I'm really hoping to be able to take what I've learned and build my small business up.

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If you are staying downtown, or near to a subway stop, I would reconsider the rental car. Driving in Toronto is awful - too congested and too many aggresive drivers. Pretty much everything to see as a tourist is downtown, and easily accessed by foot, or TTC. And in the downtown area, it's often faster to walk than drive short distances, or grab a bixi (bike share).


I'm in Toronto, send me a pm if you want some suggestions of stuff to see and places to eat.

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I'm staying in Mississauga and my BIL who is from there recommended the car over transit from our location. I'm PM'ing you now - some info would be great!

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I have no idea what the post office is like in CA, but if you think they might get it before you get back I would suggest sending each child a letter or postcard. It gives them something tangible to hold, let's them know that you are thinking about them, and every kid I know likes getting mail. It's just a little something special.

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