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One week down...




14 to go! Yep, I've officially survived the 1st week of class. I have 4 classes (ended up dropping a 5th that I don't actually NEED to have in favor of more time to study for the classes that I DO need), and I like 3 of them. I don't really love my biology class. I like the teacher, and enjoy the lectures, but there's SO much information in the book I'm just not sure I'm retaining enough of it, and there is some that I don't even understand. So, that one class is stressful, and the others I enjoy. In fact, if I was to only take 1 class at a time I think the other 3 would be a piece of cake if they were my only class...not so much with biology. Though sadly, now I kinda wish it was my only class because it's stressing me out. I have a test in a couple weeks, maybe I'll be able to relax a little if I do well on the test? Anyway, I guess so long as I pass all my classes with a C or better (I really hope I do better!) I'm still making progress right!?


And, I think I mentioned my dad wanting to help pay tuition right? Well, he'd mentioned $500/semester being a possibility, but on Saturday my parents gave me a check for $700! :) Yay!! It more than covers my books! :) Stupid biology book is $100! Anyway, so yay for supportive parents. :)


And DH and I are pricing out 2X4s for framing the basement and looking for bids from contractors. :) Maybe we'll actually make progress on the basement!


And my 1st snowball for the mortgage is comming in very soon, and will be thrown with October's payment.


The progress seems so slow, but we're moving forward on all fronts at least a little. :) Sometimes I wish I could push fast forward though LOL! (just until after finals though)

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What bio class are you in? That was my major in undergrad, I loved most of my bio classes except the first few that just seemed to be memorizing names of animals and plants.

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Um, it's biology 1610 (title of the class is "College Biology"). It's one of the introductory bio classes (though there are others with lower numbers). So far we've talked about the scientific method, the definition of life, and started on atoms (protons, electrons, neutrons, ataomic numbers).

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