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Praise be!




Thankfully, we are blessed and it isdone with $17 to spare none the less! the additional farm is paid out! we are very relieved. praise be to Heavenly Father for pulling us through this last stretch of it!


it is rented, and our tenant has moved in. The fields are rented this year but we will take them back over next year for more csa shares, and we have a nice rolling section that will be a tree farm. Hoping to get our Christmas trees in the ground early spring.


what is next for the red doors, we are building a library next. We had funds donated to the church from a donor to cover the cost of the materials to build it. So we would like it built and operational by the end of Sept.

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Wow...you guys are such an inspiration! I have to admit that every time I visit the site I look to see if you have updated your signature. I am so glad that you have met your goal with a week to spare! It has been such a great month for your family...a new baby and reaching your financial goals! Please continue to post frequently...I love to follow your progress with the family, the community and the financial stuff (the family stuff is more fun, though!). You have helped change so many lives both in your community and on this board...

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Thanks so much, we are trying to live God's plans for us. it will be a relief to have this behind us so we can turn our focus back to the community more.


this was nice feeling. But nothing tops the peace we felt from paying out our farm mortgage.


Maybe because we only went into this property with a cash purchase in mind so it was scheduled from the start.Also my dad owns 1/2 in trust for The grand kids.


for Matt and I paying our farm was a pipe dream before finding the plan, so the excitement and joy it brought is incomparable both on the journey and since.


This was more of a well excited business choice, rather then a personal joy for us in bs7, but we are glad to have the land secured for our next generations of red doors :)


The building and development of the library this fall will give us so much more joy, and also helping the kids run the pumpkin patch. I am looking forward to that as well.



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We paid that last bit off with a giant butter tart order that fell in my lap! Gave me the $400 more I needed. I have a new love for butter tarts!

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Gabe and Clare are home and doing well, he is a roly poly little guy, and Hannah seems to think he is her doll, keeps calling him molly and pointing at her little doll cradle. she seems annoyed that Clare won't put him in tree for her . It is very sweet.


Hannah is saying mama, no, dada, molly( dolly)

And poppi......sigh Matt keeps bragging about it to everyone! No nanni for me yet, but soon.


she calls Nathanial no no, since Clare is always no no nathanial no sweets for her , it really makes me laugh. He is a terrible sneak.

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Wonderful news! I am so glad you were able to continue to support your community through a difficult season and still accomplish this goal - you have truly changed your family tree!


I can't wait to hear more about the community library... this, I think, is the "living like no one else" part of they journey!

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