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School starts on Wednesday!




EEK!! So I guess it's official. I ended up getting into the other class I was on the waitlist for, and now have 4 classes. I ordered my books, and today I got my parking permit and bus pass (long story, but I'm attending at 2 campuses so it's cheaper to ride the bus when I can, but sometimes I'll need to drive), and I took the accuplacer (college placement test) for math (don't need English, I have an English class I took previously that counts for freshman English). I honestly took a whole semester's worth of math in about a week in order to study for this test (I guess this was kinda like my final for my self guided online math class then huh?). I found an online review from some university that literally went over an entire semester's worth of math in 42 tutorials. I did the whole thing! I spent like 6+ hours/day doing math. It made me cranky(that much math just makes me cranky), but it was worth it because now I won't have to spend 4 months doing math and being cranky. I scored high enough to get out of math 1010! That was my goal. Had I really needed to score high enough to get out of a higher math class I'd just have to study more and be more cranky, so I'm glad my program doesn't require more math than that.


The one sad thing I learned today is that my biology credit, which I thought would count for freshman biology, will not count for biology. :( So, I will have to take the freshman biology class. It's not that big of a deal...except that there is currently no space in any section for that class! My only hope is that someone will drop the class and that I will be able to get into it. I really kinda need that class now to be able to get into my program by next fall. So, if you wanted to pray that I get into that class I wouldn't mind. :)


So, other than needing that one class I wasn't expecting to have to take it looks like things are all set for school to start Wednesday morning after the kids go to school! This is so crazy! I hope we all survive it! LOL! I mean, in reality I'll only be gone for about 3 hours or less/day and it's all while the kids are in school. It should leave me time to get my homework done b-4 they get home, but I'm still a little concerned that it may not work out as well in reality as it does in my fantasies. I'll keep ya posted!


In the mean time, DH has gotten plenty of yard work done (yay for yard work!) and not much done in the basement. Maybe we need to go buy 2x4's this weekend? Maybe that will motivate him to work in the basement??



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I got into the biology class I needed!!! And to make things better my transfer credits from 15 years ago posted today and it's much better than I expected! I only need 5 classes total (after this semester) to finish my AS in general studies! So when I graduate (in 3 years) I'll have 2 associates degrees. An AAS in OTA and an AS degree in general studies. This is good because an AAS doesn't really transfer to a university very well, but an AS does. I'm just relieved that it's only 4 extra classes to do this. I was thinking it would be far more and was even wondering if I wanted to go this route. So it looks like things could actually work the way I was hoping. :-)

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