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Looky, I finally figured out the blog feature on this site! LOL! I'd never looked into it before, but once I discovered it I thought it'd be a good idea to start one.


Isn't it funny how it's easier to talk $ with people you only know online? Oh and it helps that everyone here is trying to look at money the way Dave teaches. My friends/family/neighbors don't particularly do things the way Dave would.


Thanks to Dave, we were able to finish our basement in cash, save up a downpayment, move to a more desireable area, rent out our former home, and save enough cash to finish the basement in the new house (which I hope to see good progress on soon!) If I rememeber I'll try to share updates and pics of the basement as we get it finished. :)


Oh yes, and our budget is now allowing me to go back to school w/o a single student loan. :) Something I'm sure I will comment on over the next 3 or so years.


Earlier (either late last year or early this year, I forget exactly when) DH and I made a goal to save $2500/month so as to save up enough to finish the basement, and miraculously through a layoff, of all things, it happened much quicker than I imagined possible! And so, with this goal accomplished I suppose it is time to move on to the next goals: me going back to school and paying tuition in cash (though I'd love to find some free money!), and paying off the mortgage.


This all sounds like a lot to me to look at it all at once. We've got to finish the basement, I've got to get a degree, and we've got to pay off the house by 2018 (b-4 DD1 graduates high school) in order to reach all these goals! *sigh* Good thing I can just do one day at a time huh? So I'm thinking this blog will be a good place to keep track (assuming I have time with school) of these goals, and a fun place to come look back when we finally get there!


Woo hoo! Should be a good adventure! :) I'll keep ya posted!

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