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Good couple of days!




Yesterday was the last day of camp. We had a couple of kids not come because they started their long weekends early and we had two kids not feeling well (which was sad, I hate not getting to say goodbye on the last day). It was a good day at school, we got to play outside for a long time for the first time this week. Then, right at the end of the school day I got a text from Alex saying he was contacted to interview at Lampo! It is a Senior Inventory Manager position and we know nothing about it other than that it is a full time position working for Dave Ramsey. I don't know if it is a good fit for him personally or professionally but he is going in Monday to talk with them and we will see what happens.


Last night I helped at the sort for the consignment sale when it was over. I came home with a TON less stuff than I brought, I am sure I probably made around $250-300!!! I am so excited about that!


This morning we went to the chiropractor to help with the headache I got from sorting last night. It's very physical work. After we went to the Chabad synagogue which is a very Orthodox synagogue. One of Naomi's best friends is this denomination and they were at that synagogue for the weekend (normally they are at the other Chabad which is at Vandy, the dad is the rabbi there) so we were able to visit. Alex got called up to read from the Torah which is supposed to bring blessings to your family and Naomi got to stay there all day and play. We had lunch there and then Naomi stayed through dinner with her friend.


We went home, gave the twins a nap and then went to visit my coworker who happens to be the friend's aunt. She has two little ones too so the kids all got to play and Alex got Naomi and joined us later on. We were able to do some learning (the twins were repeating prayers along with her daughter who is 6 weeks older than them), I was able to relax with a good friend and we enjoyed a delicious dinner together lounging in her living room. :) Watching 3 two year olds walking around with drumsticks is hilarious! I also learned the twins will eat every bit of chicken off a drumstick and neatly clean up the bones by throwing them out.


It was just a great two days, I really am in such a great mood right now! I even managed to get a couple of dresses for Naomi for school and 3 days of Hanukkah covered for very little money. I think the 3 nights of Hanukkah covered for all 3 girls (although I might need to try to find more toy dinosaurs, not sure if the two packs I bought will split out to enough) cost me about $10 total. Not bad for 9 gifts! I bought most of it at the half price sale after walking around to see what larger items I had bought sold so I knew that I had made enough to cover the expenses.



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Hope the interview works out for all! So great on the sale of some of your things, that's a good bit of loot!! Sounds like it was a good time for the whole family and much needed! Happy for you!

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Praying for your family, I've been keeping up with your blog and am really hoping your DH gets the job, it will be such a blessing to your family.


Have you visited www.zulily.com? It's got really inexpensive clothing and toys, would be great for Hannukah outfits and toys. You can even create a wish list, though items will sell out very quick if they're popular. I love it, and have a wishlist for pregnancy even though I'm not pregnant yet :)

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I live Zulily! We do a lot of used toys for Hanukkah usually but last year we did get a few great deals off of there.


I appreciate the support! It is just a first interview but we are hopeful.

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Well, the interview only lasted about 30-40 minutes but it was an HR interview and they only had three questions. He asked them a few questions and found out it is a new position. Previously inventory had been managed by the vendors that supplied it but they decided it was time to take it all in house. The HR guy said they got over 100 resumes and Alex was one of only five or six they decided to bring in. Good sign I hope!

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They will choose who to interview. Since this is a brand new position but one Alex has specifically for before there is a really good chance he will come in to interview and it is with the VP of that division.


I can't imagine, with six people to prescreen, that it should take very long to hear back.


I think the most important thing right now is that he has a boost in his confidence right now. He really needs it to help him get this job or another one. It has really been bringing him down to be home.

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If this doesn't work out, may I suggest that he tweek his resume. The one he has online now includes a photo and it looks like his eyes are closed. I would not include a photo.

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His paper resume does not have a photo. His eyes weren't shut, that is just how it looks when he smiles. It was an issue on our wedding photos!

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