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Juicing Veggies




It's sort of like drinking vitamins.


My DH and I just recently watched fat, sick, and nearly dead on netflix and he was inspired to try the juice fast (he's cheating a bit with nuts and eating fruits and raw vegetables a bit. I'm not trying to lose weight so I'm just having some of his veggie/fruit combos 2-3x/day and I do feel like my mood is improved and I have more energy.


We fortunately had a juicer that we got years ago but hadn't used it. I used to think of it as a waste since each piece of fruit generated little fruit and because it was all organic, it just seemed too expensive. But the fact is, even though we're vegetarian, it's hard still to get adequate veggies in.


It's not the best tasting stuff but not the worst either and it's definitely boosting my energy more than other vitamins I've tried or supplements. We're still walking 3 miles a day as well.


He's trying to lose 10-15 lbs.



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