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A nice treat!




Alex went to a program tonight for people in career transition. There are people like him looking for jobs as well as recruiters and hiring managers. He got to meet some people and hear a good speech.


At the event there were tables of baked goods from Publix who apparently is one of the sponsors. Since a lot of people who come are out of work Publix sends breads and other pastries/baked goods and empty boxes for people to load up. Alex brought home three different type of bread we can't get on WIC, donuts, muffins and cinnamon raisin biscuits. The donut treat tonight was nice. :)


I wonder how messy those biscuits will be tomorrow morning? Ariel is one of the messiest eaters I have ever seen, she makes a mess of everything!

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No, this is excessive. She paints her entire body with pasta sauce sometimes. We are going to have to change the carpets when we eventually leave this house. Lol!


Gotta love her though, she smiles through it all! Like her sauce belly is her masterpiece!

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Oh my! I remember those spaghetti dinner nights.... my poor babies ate with nothing on but a diaper, and went directly from the dinner table to the bathwater. *L* One of us even held them while the other removed the diaper! *LOL* One of my son's could manage to coat his entire head in sauce. Even way up on top, where I didn't think he could reach! Now he inhales an entire pot of spaghetti at a time... But I still have pictures from those baby days.


Enjoy the treats! And let the babies enjoy them too... a little mess is worth the pure joy they seem to get out of eating them!

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Lol yeah when we were first married a spaghetti dinner was a nice easy meal for the two of us. Now it is a ton of work. We strip them down to just their diapers and then it is straight to the tub, usually being airlifted there so as to not get sauce on the carpet.


I just made a batch of muffins from a mix someone gave me and they were so crumbly and a huge mess. I found it was easier to just let them dry out a bit and then sweep them up a few hours later ;)


I am glad to hear you got a treat :) I love doughnuts but my 9yr old doesn't like them so we hardly ever have them.

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I would totally paint my body with spaghetti sauce if I thought I could get away with it, so maybe my opinion of "excessive" is off. ;)

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one of my favorite snapshots of our oldest DD is with her "spaghetti face" :) I think this is such a nice gesture on the part of that company--sending "goodie boxes" home.

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