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May's Meal Plan




Well it's that time of month again (already?!?!?!) that I sit down and try to hammer out what we will have for the next month to eat. I just cleaned out our outside freezer so I think that just about everything in there should be good.....like think things we will eat. LOL There was a lot just hanging around that I am not sure where it came from and was taking up valuable real estate. This is the second month that I have had to do this where I have had morning sickness and absolutely nothing sounds good. I could really care less if we ever ate again.....but that probably won't fly with everyone else so here is the plan.

Tonight-breakfast dinner

Tomorrow-Tacos and rice

Sat- I have no idea??????

4/28-Rot chicken, stuffing, veg


4/30-Pasta Bake

5/1-Pasta Bake

5/2-Ham, potatoes, veg

5/3-Chicken tacos

5/4-Meatball sandwiches

5/5-Slow cooker chicken and rice


5/7-Pork tenderloin

5/8-Chicken noodle soup


5/10-Breakfast Dinner

5/11Meatloaf, mashed, veg

5/12-Ribs, cheesy tatos, veg

5/13-Chicken quesodillas

5/14-Pasta Bake

5/15-Pasta Bake





5/20-Shepherd's Pie


5/22-Tacos, rice

5/23-Crispy Cheddar Chicken

5/24-Breakfast dinner

5/25-Meatball sandwiches

5/26-Cheesy Porkchops


5/28-Turkey Burgers, fries

5/29-Crockpot chicken parm

5/30-Hot turkey sandwiches

5/31-Roast, mashed, veg

6/1-Cresent dogs, chips, fruit

I feel that we just eat the same things over and over again. UGH! I try to mix in new things but a lot of times with most of my eaters picky....it doesn't work out so well. I will be looking forward to summer where some easier meals might be coming. Fingers crossed!



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Dang, woman! I honestly thought there would be more "leftover" days but I don't recall your family size so maybe there's no such thing as leftovers in your home LOL!

I commend you on being able to plan ahead so well. Jeeze! Do you break up your shopping into weekly trips or something or just buy it all in one go?

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We are a family of 5 going on 6........although I am trying not to eat for two right now. LOL


We do a big monthly shop so tomorrow will be pulling the grocery list together and then Sat and Sun we will be doing our grocery runs. I hit Aldi's for most of it but also go to Sams and Kroger and Walmart. With three littles in tow, that isn't doable in one day.


Then once a week (usually after church on Sun) we will run to Walmart for milk and fresh fruit and anything I forgot on the list. I try to be as organized as possible so that we are only getting a few things on those trips. Makes the trips much more doable when I only have to cart these kids around once a month for a bigger shop. Now after the baby comes.........I told DH he was on his own. I am leaving him at home with all the kids and I am going shopping by myself. ;)


Oh, and when we do have leftovers, I usually will incorporate them into lunch for me and sometimes the kids. DH doesn't always like things reheated so we try to make things fresh each day. The days that are marked on here as leftovers are because those meals usually make enough for us for two days (read as the kids won't eat it so DH and I get seconds)


Oh, and the out days (in case anyone is wondering) is that DH and I finally have decided to go on a mini vacation. I won tickets to the Creation Museum in KY and we are headed out for a long weekend before this baby comes. We have not been anywhere since my little guy that just turned 6 was 18 months old. We figured if we don't go now, we might never go anywhere again. :)

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I think leaving the kids at home while you grocery shop is TOTALLY understandable. You won't have to worry about the "gimmes" and you might actually come to enjoy your grocery time :) haha.

Have fun on your vacation :)

What do you do for breakfasts and lunches? Do you meal plan those also?

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Breakfasts are pretty much the same all the time around our house......DH eats a banana and cereal. The kids go from breakfast bars, bagels, french toast sticks (homemade) things like that. I just eat what I feel like lately. Poached eggs on toast is the latest craze.


Lunches we got back and forth too. I am trying to branch out and get the kids to try different things but sometimes getting kids to eat anything is hard. I buy enough of what we usually have and sometimes try to throw in a few things.......DH eats the same thing for lunch every day also. He's one of my picky eaters! But I can make his lunch in my sleep (I think I actually have done that a few times when we had a newborn LOL)

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I was working on our meal plan today too. I can't seem to handle a monthly menu but I found that a three-week plan works well for us. We have so many food sensitivities that I always want to pull my hair out when I plan meals - it seems like there's nothing that avoids it all.


I've gotten in the habit of taking one kid with me when I grocery shop - it's kind of our special one-on-one time. I actually prefer having one kid over shopping along now. Except when it's the two-year-old's turn since he's anti-cart-seat right now. Fortunately it isn't his turn often since I always seem to grocery shop around his naptime.


Good luck getting through the morning sickness period!

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