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I am sooo not cut out to be a landlord......(vent coming)




Ok, I understand that in the grand "scheme" of things that this isn't huge. But, it kinda is......well when you add it up with all the other things that these people have done over the course of the last year.


And no, they aren't horrible tenants. But they are not good tenants either. DH says that I don't look at this as a business opportunity. I am taking it personally. And I probably am..........but sometimes it's hard not to, kwim?


First off, these people pay us late. Like almost every month. I think that they have paid on time three times totally since they have been there in July. Which is fine.....except this last time they didn't pay the late fee they were supposed to. They did overpay it the first time they were late so I took half of the money from that. But still.....you paid late, pay the fee. DH said let it go. FINE


They have to pay the water bill every three months. This time it was $103.92 They paid it 2 months late and paid me $100. Not what the bill was......what she decided was enough I guess. DH said we will give her a "goodwill credit". FINE But then she always pays through paypal (which is actually a pain for me but whatever) and she did it so that I got charged $3.20 for her to pay her $100................I am trying to get DH to address this with her since if she does it with rent we will lose $30.


SHe has given away plants from my yard on CL without asking............that was a principle thing.


She almost got my insurance on the house canceled. It took a week to sort that mess out and cost us money for us to cover her trampoline and swimming pool.


And she took something that my DH ordered on Amazon and accidentally had shipped to our old house. For some reason the company put my name or resident???? and they decided to keep the box. While legally they could, morally that feels like stealing to me.


I guess I am so unhappy about these tenants because none of these things are things that I would personally do. EVER!


Thanks for letting me vent! If you read all this, bless you.



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Yes, but when we disagree about something, he has final say.


Maybe you could write out your concerns, date them like a timeline even so he could see the trends for himself? I know for myself, sometimes seeing things written and consistent without emotion attached to them can be very beneficial. I know Matt and I have tried this a few times when we reach an impasse in a discussion.


Might be worth a shot.

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Yes, but when we disagree about something, he has final say.



I'm not going to try to get you to change your marriage or way of thinking. However, if my husband wanted final say on our renters (and in theory I was ok with that), then I wouldn't be dealing with it at all. I'd hand it all over to him. There is no way I'm going to take on anxiety, stress, and responsibility for something I don't have any decision making power over.

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I would try to explain, rather calmly if I could, that folks who have showed their "true colors", being given the opportunity to "party" is not a good thing. It's not because they can't move until then.... It's not because they will be homeless, it's because they want to have a party?!? And it would concern me greatly WHY they wouldn't want to have a party at their next house to "break it in", or "let everyone know where they live", or as a house warming or something.... Personally, I have red flags waving at me from all directions as a landlord. The answer would be no, no, and HECK no.


I suppose I would have to ask DH if we had enough money to replace all the carpets, fix the holes in the walls and clean up the yard from a party where the folks are already not paying you in a timely manner, don't really care about your feelings or opinions, bring all their friends in to "party"..... I might wait until after the inspection to see if there is any other ammunition available..... but the water in that pool is going to go somewhere... and a party seems to be a good time to empty it...... *sigh*


Furthermore... as a landlord, the best time to have a tenant leave is in June/July, so that you have time to clean up the house and rent it back out before school starts. Folks don't like to move as much once the school year begins. So from a purely "business" standpoint, allowing them to overstay the lease could be quite costly for you, as the house will not be available until after the school year begins.


And no party. I'm sorry, but on behalf of your neighbors, your neighborhood, and your house, PLEASE do not allow them to have a party. Seriously, it's a bad idea. OK, so I'm picturing an Animal House type party, just from the description of their behavior thus far... and I really doubt it's much out of line... but still. I just do not see these folks, who care so much about everything, having a nice dinner party, rather than a beer guzzling, crazy type party.


And you can have DH read this... I've only been a landlord for about 15 years, and I have never, in all my time, ever heard of a party at the end of the lease that has been a good thing, and has not resulted in a whole lot of damage to the residence. I'm sure there have been some, but I have not heard of them.


*sigh* Good luck. I hope that you can get your husband to see reason. Perhaps after the inspection, if they haven't taken care of the house. Remember, as long as he hasn't given written permission, you can still change your mind.

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I don't think you can legally tell the renters that they are not allowed to have people over (aka a party). You can say no to extending the lease but I don't think you would have any right to say "no party" once you extend the lease. Unless it is specifically prohibited in the lease, renters are allowed to have guests over. If you allow them to extend the lease, just know that they WILL have their party and it probably won't end well for you. Sure, you can keep their deposit, but they could do much more damage than that, and someone who thinks nothing of stealing packages and selling your landscaping is not going to care about damage to your property when they are on their way out. It sounds like your husband has already told them yes, so you are probably out of luck there.

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Okay, I've never been a landlord, but I have a relative who is a landlord's nightmare. Do yourself a favor and get into that house to inspect it ASAP. Take pictures. Document EVERYTHING. I promise the security deposit was not enough to cover the damage my relative and his room mate did to the house they were living in from sheer neglect. We're talking never calling the Landlords for anything that needed to be fixed. There was mold throughout the bathroom, the kitchen and bathroom linoleum was destroyed and the carpet had to be replaced. It was disgusting.


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Talked to DH last night and he said that he is going to send them an email at the beginning of May to see what their intention is and then we will set up an inspection.


He did write to her and say that we were not going to accept paypal anymore because of the fees......she said that she noticed that when she paid. I think that is BS because I went in and set up like I was going to make a payment to a relative and it would have went through without fees for me just fine. (but whatever!)


I just would really, really like these people out but DH says as long as they are paying and (hopefully) not destroying our house, he is fine with them staying.


Miranova, I think it was you that said you would just hand it over and let him do everything......and I have. Except the worry. I am a worrier by nature and I can't seem to just shut it off. These things seem to bother me a lot more than they do him. He is very calm about the whole thing. And he does handle everything. All the correspondense to these people goes through him. Probably that is for the best because I would give them a piece of my mind, believe me! LOL

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jwhitt7791, I can't blame you for worrying. I'd worry, too. This is a significant chunk of your' family's savings tied up in the house and if they destroy it it's going to have some far-reaching ramifications.


That said, remind your DH that this IS going to become a massive hassle for him, and could end up costing you guys thousands to even tens of thousands of dollars if they are not keeping it up. There is a HUGE difference between an owner's mentality and a renter's mentality, but if you throw into it a lack of ethics and a renter's mentality, you've got a nasty recipe on your hands.

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As a landlord the tenants you never here from and send you the rent or drop it off to you normaly don't want you there ( sorry)...We do inspections every quarter...to check the smoke detector battries, check for leakng toilets,taps and slow running drains, as well as signs of mice.

That really cuts down on problem tenants because if they don't want you there they will move!

Just my 2 cents good luck with your tenants!

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