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Guess who we're seeing in November?!?




Yesterday I received a bonus for tax season and guess what I spent it on?? Yes, tickets to the Dave Ramsey event in Nov in NJ! I am so so excited. Can not wait to see him live! I even paid for the better seating, and was so so close to going for the backstage passes but just couldn't justify spending the extra money. But, I may change my mind and upgrade. :-)

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So jealous! Although I just texted my dh. I think NJ is the closest DR has come to New England (at least that I know of) so who knows, we might be joining you :)

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Just found out that he's going to be in my city in November also doing his Legacy program. I think I'm going to use my blow money net month for a ticket!

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Awesome! Seeing Dave live was the thing that got DH finally on board with the program so there is something to seeing him in person. :)

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I'm spending the rest of my bonus on a manicure/pedicure after work today (and then a much needed haircut), and I'm also giving some to Mark for fishing gear he wants. It's the first time we spent a bonus in a really, really long time! It feels good! I also took Monday off :-)

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