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Penultimate MBA class - Week 2




Week 2 started yesterday, I still have one assignment from week 1 remaining. The delay was allowed by the professor because she changed our books after class had started. Week runs from the 11th to the 17th.


So for this week:

1 assignment from last week

3 assignments from this week


67 days until graduation!

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Actually last summer I got to a point I just wanted to give up. After 2 years with less than a year left that would have been pretty dumb. I think I'm past that now, and just excited to see the end so near! :)

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Finished the final assignment from week 1, woo hoo! It was a case study about a company in the food industry, so maybe I had a tiny bit of knowledge to pull from after 7 years in the food industry!


2 more assignments remain for week 2, one due tomorrow, one due Saturday.


66 days!

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I graduated last June with my MBA. Took me 5 years, but no student loans or school debt. So glad the homework phase is finally over for me, I was in college for a total of 10 years.

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That's awesome Alicia! I'm SO looking forward to having free time that I don't feel guilty about. I'd like to sew more again, and garden, and paint a few rooms in the house, and, and, and.....

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Finishing up Week 2 today. Ugh, I'm such a procrastinator! I'll post when everything's turned in for the week, then start a post for Week 3.

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Found out my problem with the final assignment. Yeah, the professor changed it and somehow I didn't notice. So I was trying to do the wrong one!


Well the correct one is almost finished, it will be turned in before midnight.

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