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Is this possible!?!?!?!?!




I just can't seem to motivate myself today to do the things that I should (think cleaning my house).


So I sat down and decided to play with my spreadsheets....Sometimes these things are the bane of my existence. I mean I can waste hours sitting there trying to predict everything just right, knowing that it will change. I have things that aren't built into our budget but I know we will cash flow. So that means change. Taxes change, bonuses come and go. You get the picture.


Yet somehow seeing that end number in sight is comforting to me. It is something to push for, to strive for, to make me stop and think.....do we need to purchase XYZ? Somethings are worth making that number go further out and some aren't. Gives me something to think about though.


So I put it all in today. The PMI (without the $4k that we have decided to save for baby #4), the SLs, the rest of the FFEF, a car replacement fund. Then I thought, if I am doing this let's go all the way. So I put our 2 mortgages on there. That is keeping in line with us actually having 2 mortgages at the end of this. For now, that is life.


I had to actually make 2 sheets since it will only go out 4 years at a time. But it said Nov 2020. That would be it. We would be done. Now granted, I am well aware that it is not realistic that that number will be there in a few years. It will go out, I mean we need propane to heat the house. The cars will need maintenance. Things like that.


But I will be 43, DH 41. And my oldest will only be 13. We could have way more than enough time to cashflow college. I haven't decided if that is the road we will go down (I obviously will be discussing with DH) but darn if that isn't exciting!


Just wanted to share. :)

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2020 sounds like a great year! And your snowball spreadsheet is also not taking into account increases in income or possible windfalls the the years ahead!


Yeah, I do the same thing, try and predict where things will be years from now. Strangely I'm always wrong, and not in any consistant manner unfortunately!

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It's that darn life getting in the way, haha! I just put in an increase monthly of $200 and moved the date up to May of 2020. I am not accounting for any snowflakes in this either. Or like you said increases for DH since those are just too hard to figure.


It's a wonder I get anything done around here. LOL

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I'm aiming for BS7 in 2020 too! Of course I'd love for it to be sooner, but I'm trying to be realistic (and I don't want to count on me going back to work, even though I probably will at some point).


I hope it works out for you! I love procrastinating with financial projections. :)

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That IS exciting and you will be in a GREAT position in 2020. Yes, car maintenance, gas will go up, things will happen but also things will happen in your favor. Raises, bonuses, blessings in various forms. So now that you got all that done.. did you begin cleaning your house? LOL

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What spreadsheet are you using? Is it the "Lloyd's Snowball Spreadsheet? If so, you can copy and paste the final column in the spreadsheet to your heart's content. Mine goes out at least 10 years.

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