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Here's The Plan......




So let's see if I can remember all the details of our plan..........for those who don't know or don't remember, I started DR more than 2 years ago. DH wasn't on board with a lot of things and I was struggling pulling us along. Being a SAHM with very limited income didn't help. Then I bought DH some Dave Live tickets for his birthday and things changed. He was on board and wanted to try things Dave's way......we started making progress and then last summer happened. Within a month, our well went out along with our water softener.....and we had to cross that line and take on DEBT! Blah. DH was ready to jump ship, this was no longer a game, it was life and what was the point if we couldn't pay for a big expense and just end up farther in the hole(his thinking, not mine!)


So, with the help of a good friend on here, I came up with our own BS program. While not 100% Dave, it works for us because for one, it keeps DH on the program. He feels more secure and I still get to make progress. I know we have a huge mountain ahead of us, but I would rather climb a little more slowly than have to haul him up behind me.


So here is our plan(or as close as I can remember)..........


Step #1-Bump BEF up to $1,500


Step #2-Pay off our LOC for the well of $2,776


Step #3-Pay back $2,200 borrowed from car fund


Step #4-Pay back payments missed while we were paying off LOC to the car fund (total of 3 months or $600)


Step #5-Pay off our HELOC, which as of January of 2010 was about $17,350


Step #6-Bump BEF up to $2,500 (1 month)


Step #7-Save $7k for a minivan fund


Step #8-Save $3k for a baby fund


Step #9-Save for a Homeschooling fund and a misc baby fund ($300 each)


Step #10-Pay off smaller SL


Step #11-Bump BEF up to $5k (2 months)


Step #12-Pay off large SL


Step #13-Bump up FFEF to $10k (4 months).....at this point we will probably start funding BS4 at 15% and slowly work up to 6 months since we stopped retirement contributions since 2/26/10.


So that is our plan. Right now, we are in limbo because of a baby on the way. And this plan has changed and grown over time. But we will make it.........one babystep at a time!


P.S. the steps in bold are what we have accomplished.......so we are chugging along.



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Thanks everyone! Right now, we are on hold and this has been the longest six months of my life! I am so sick of saving..........so our plan will actually be good since by the time we finish our BS2, we will be 50% done with BS3 also.


I can't wait til this little girl gets here, the dust settles and I can throw some snow again.

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