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Week #3




Week #3 is over. I’m finding room for improvement, some changes need to happen.

I took the advice of kelvan & started logging what I am spending my Blow money on. I also began listing “blow money goals” such as a haircut and upcoming things that I know I will need money kept aside for.

Anyway, I did this & I found that most of my blow is going towards food. So I’m going to try to cut that habit back by shopping every payday for sandwich ingredients (for lunch) and snacks (in bulk, to pre-portion, for school-related times and while I'm out and about... Both of which are times I'm most likely to spend)

I majorly screwed up on sticking last week’s blow budget. I spent my blow, plus some. I spent part of the "snowflake money" which could’ve gone toward debt. AND I spent some money that was in my account - tithe checks from the past couple weeks waiting to clear. Take a look [copy/pasted from my personal document]:

Week #3 [1/17-1/23] $60 (+ $22.46 leftover snowflake)

$12.53 Safeway (snack foods and red bull)

$7.49 Subway (breakfast before Saturday study session @college)

$33.44 Safeway (dinner food/snacks during housesitting weekend @Ronnie’s)

$8.68 Starbucks (coffee/breakfast sandwich on way to clean client’s house)

$11.77 Allyn Market (snack, red bull & salad to pitch in for dinner @Lindsays - study session)

$23.60 Jimmy D’s (lunch out for me & Ethan)

TOTAL $97.51 = $37.51 over $60 budget; $15.05 dipped into the tithe money!

So in order to make this week REALLY work, I am heading to the bank later today to get that cash envelope system going again. Not going to use the debit card this week! I could forego the eating out and red bulls easily. The lunch date was spur of the moment and I offered to pay. I started bringing coffee with me to work, & we have ample coffee supplies to last a while at home.

I'll be making envelopes labeled “haircut $60” & “waxing $40” to “sink” some of my blow money in those each week for those periodic services. Getting envelopes again for gas and blow like I used to always do.

I have $24 coming in from Paypal this week that will “fix” my damage done last week with the spending.

So that was the bad news.

The good news is that I funded my BEF to $500 this morning and sent the leftover snowflake, $60, to my student loan! Very excited to finally get the ball rolling on this debt and seeing the balance go down. I have that extra houseclean tomorrow that will also net me some $$ to throw at the SL.

Need to get some of my stuff sold!!!

Until next week,


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Good for you sounds like you are working all the bugs out of your budget! It does take some time to make it work for you.



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Finishing your BEF and $60 less on the student loan is a great start. It sounds like you are being more honest with yourself about where your money is going. Time and practice will help you be a better steward of your money. I think you should break out your food expenses from your blow money as a line item though. Then if you want to spend your blow money on a cup of coffee out it's not a big deal. After all that's what it's there for. But I would save up your blow money to pay for a $60 haircut and a $40 waxing so that it'll motivate you to stay on track. :) Kind of like a reward for sticking to the program.

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Wish I had found DR when I first started college, it would have saved me a lot of credit card debt. One thing I found now since working the plan and being post-college is that if you have a built-in rewards system, you are less likely to cheat (or use blow money on other items). For example, because I get free, excellent coffee at work and can bring from home, I only treat myself to coffee from Starbucks during the weekends (using my blow money, of course). Then I also build in savings goals and once those are met, I treat myself/DH to whatever is next on my wishlist.

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Thank you for your kind words and advice.. I listen to and consider everything and all suggestions!

Alicia, I like the rewards system you suggested. I broke down and had a starbucks Monday after work/before class, but like I said the class days really are just the days I tend to get what I want (coffee, snacks). Tonight is a class AND lab night, so I'll likely pick up a coffee again. I'll go to a little coffee stand instead, they are always cheaper than the 'Bux.

I can see making a grocery line item, but what bugs me is I wouldn't know what amounts to make "grocery" and "blow" if I did that. It seems easier to me to keep it all in the Blow category and keep trying to pinch the pennies when using my Blow. So for February's budget, I still have the Blow line but no grocery line...

This week I have been bringing coffee and an apple to work from home in the mornings and I went to the grocery store and bought my favorite Triscuits on sale and they have been lasting me the whole week (saved my butt when I got hungry before class and such!) I obviously ought to get a bit more creative than just stocking up on Triscuits, but it's a start. As long as I stock up on something and keep a little box of food in my car I am good. Next week I am thinking crackers, apples, carrots, bananas, celery and peanut butter/raisins (which I can take from the pantry). I can preportion the carrots and celery ahead of time, keep a tupperware thing of PB and the bag of raisins at my desk... No fridge at work to allow me to be super awesome at snacking, but I ought to have one!


Anyway, still working this, and will have another weekly update on Thursday :)

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