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hello there!



Hi all - thanks for taking a look.....


I am a prime example of spending increases to match income. Which is fine, except we feel like we are always in the same place!

At this point we have $9342.75 left to pay on our van.....it was bought used, so we may even owe more than it is worth. yikes!!


Made our jan payment, but hope to gather up some big snowfakes to make feb's payment larger!



Good luck to everyone on their journeys!

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thanks to you both. I didn't realize anyone had commented (is there a setting to get an email?)


I need to figure out when to throw a snowball at it.....I have always added extra principle to the payment, but would like to do it as I get the money. I need to figure out how that works with this bank so it doesn't just go towards the next payment.


I may set up my little savings account that is connected to my checking to put money into until the next payment is due.


I have a bunch of perfumes (don't ask - lol) that I am going to list on ebay to hopefully get some money in feb.

also, I get paid out for unused sick time from 2012 in feb. so that will be thrown as well.....

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You can do this! You might even surprise yourself and be out of debt on the van sooner than you think! Keep looking for those snowflakes!

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