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Halfway through January




Mini update. I've gotten a few little checks in the mail (all reimbursement) and instead of putting them in checking to get frittered away, I've stashed them into our vacation savings fund. I went ahead and transfered some money from the second pay period check into our home maintenance account.


So, I'm happy to see those accounts go up this month, when I thought it would be a really tight month. The nasty weather and being sick has kept me indoors and out of the stores. Which is great for the budget. I haven't put gas in the van since 12/12/12. Groceries have been coming in under budget, yet we've been eating well.


I've been sewing away on my latest project, and it's keeping me occupied and happy. I want to do a lot of little things around the house, but at the same time, I need to quilt some projects to sell in the local crafts gallery. My inventory there is pitiful, and it's a great opportunity to show my craft, sell stuff and network in the art/craft community. With all the rain/sleet lately, house projects aren't really top priority any way.


My baby started walking this week. His birthday is next week, he'll be ONE!!! Where has this year gone? And why did my husband hint that perhaps he'd like another?!?! (I caught him looking through my galleries on facebook - of all my pregnancy pictures and the newborn baby pictures.... I think I saw a tear in his eye.... hmmmm.....).


Anyway, off to pay some bills then SEW like the wind. :)

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Oh, romance is in the air. :)

Of course I'd love another baby, babies are awesome.... but, at the same time, I am almost ready to move on from this stage and work harder on the house projects, the quilting projects, getting back into some paying work, etc. I'm finally starting to feel back to normal from the last one. I'm now down below my pre-preg weight (by 4lbs, so far), my hormones have quit acting whack, and I'm starting to sleep again!!!

But, if DH tells me with words that he wants another, I'll happily oblige. And then I'll be back asking for prayers that we can have another without all the difficulties we had between the first two.

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I bow down to you ladies who do babies back to back. I think I knew before I had the first one that I could never do it. I guess it is a good thing that we were too broke to afford more than one in daycare, at a time.. ;-)

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That is so cute that you caught your DH looking at those pictures! Well, you never know....

Dang, you havent gassed up since 12/12/12?! That's amazing. I give you major kudos!

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I have major baby 'wantitis' right now, having started a nursery/kids boards on my Pinterest account and a wishlist for maternity (and current size) clothes on Zulily, I've got it bad. But we're not trying for another two years, so I've got time to develop that wishlist. Wishing you luck on deciding to add a new little one or not in the near future :)

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The only pregnancy pictures my DH would be looking at with tears would be if they were current ones! lol He is sooooo done at two. So am I really, so it's all good.


Our gas budget has been great this month too and for similar reasons. The weather has been okay but the sickness - yikes! Hope we're done with that here.


I would love to see some pics of your quilts. We have so many talented ladies here. I am hopeless at anything like that. I'm always in awe of your creativity.

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