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January Accountability




Moving my accountability thread to a blog entry.


I got my first in 2013 paycheck and my income is going up slightly from my normal checks last year due to having proper withholdings now.


We are a bit over on food costs mostly due to moving to a major once a month grocery shop and the learning curve required to do that. The good news there is that we can mostly eat out of the pantry/freezer for February and March.


And a number of smaller items have come up that we need to take care of this month, so the snowball is on the small side.


Goal this month is to put $600 into the moving fund.

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$600 doesn't seem too bad.


When do you need to have how much? and how much do you have so far?


I would guess eating out of the pantry / freezer means less to pack and move :)

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My tax returns (2011 and 2012) will cover all the moving expenses. Anything I else can save between now and March will just roll over into the baby fund, so we can start paying medical bills as soon as they roll in.

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