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Secret Confessions Of A Dave Ramsey Wannabe

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Okay, I don't write blogs. I just don't like to put my thoughts down permanent like. But here goes nothin'. Maybe this will kick my rear into high gear. I have been trying to follow Dave's plan for around three years now. I have made it to BS4 only to willingly step back to BS2. (stupid, stupid, stupid.) We are now back in BS3 but have been for nearly a year and we have gotten nowhere real fast.


In case you are wondering, "we" includes myself, my DH, my DD(8), and two elderly and ailing cats. Some of our setbacks have been caused by medical expenses for DH and the cats. But, those alone did not get us to this point for sure. We also managed to fund a trip to WDW for DD, myself, and my aunt. It was suppose to include DH, but he started a new job at the last minute and with the trip already paid for we asked my aunt instead. Since DH was unable to attend, in my guilt ridden state, I told DH he ought to go ahead and buy the new 3DTV he had been wanting. I mean it was on sale and everything. (Like I said before....stupid, stupid, stupid). The funny thing is he wouldn't have bought it had I not practically begged him. He was actually on board for once on the whole Dave plan and I'm the one who caved.


So at any rate, here we are. Still on BS3 and despite a substantial bump in pay with DH's new job. We keep going over budget. I really want to take FPU in some form or fashion. But DH is not on board with that. He wants to let me handle the money, because I'm good at it. Okay, well, while that might be true in some sense of the word. I'm just as bad as DH at SPENDING money.


Our biggest budget problem (and by problem, I mean overspending) would be food. You would think we were a family of 10 with the amount of money we spend on food and eating out. And one of the worst things for me to admit is that I'm the main reason. We eat out a lot, because (one) I hate to cook and (two) I love to eat at restaurants. I'm spoiled I like getting to choose whatever I want from a bevy of choices instead of getting stuck with whatever we can all agree on. And you don't have to clean up afterwards! But I make this pledge here and now, that I will cook more and eat out less. We will not use the debit card to eat out, once the budget limit has been reached.


The next largest expense that is negotiable would be our internet/phone/cell/cable bill. I used to have a tracphone (which I liked btw) but then we won two iphones. Well now I'm addicted to the darn thing. My contract is up and has been, but I just can't bring myself to give up my iphone and go back to tracphone. And it's not even the phone part that I like it's the apps. Maybe I should look at an ipod touch or ipad for the apps and go back to my tracphone. Just some things to consider. I also wouldn't mind lowering our uverse TV amount. But that's hard to get DH to back since he has his cool new TV. In fact he's mentioned a couple of times that he was interested in getting the HD package. Thankfully, he agreed it wasn't smart to do at least for now.


So while I'm not sure how often I'll post entries, I thought maybe this might help to keep me focused on NOT spending money. I really want to live like no one else, so I can live like no one else. Maybe next post I'll have the nerve to make this public.

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Hello, welcome back to the Lifestyle!


I never thought I wanted an iPhone either, but yes, it's all the non-Phone functions I use so much after all. I was thinking of it as a "phone" before I owned one. Now I think of it as My-Computer-that-also-makes-phone-calls. (We kept our iPhones.) We each make full use of the gadgets and are pleased with their utility!


I think medical and legal expenses can be real hurdles for a lot of families doing the DR babysteps. You aren't alone.


I like your plan to reign in the Food Expenses. I found that was the category that I enjoyed a quick-and-effective way to manage the food budget.


I'm doing a Pantry challenge until the end of the month. You're welcome to join us! :lol:

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