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Goals for 2013




So I just wanted to jot down some of the goals that I have for the upcoming year...........I don't like calling them resolutions since that makes me think that if I mess up, the game is up. Let's just call them things I want to improve in my life.


Losing some weight..........at 5'3" and 180, I am obviously overweight. I have been heavier ever since getting out of high school so this has been a struggle for some time. Also, adding to the fact that we are trying to get pregnant and that kinda adds to the whole, what's the point I am just going to gain the weight back? But a lower weight will mean a healthier momma so I shall try.


Becoming more organized and a better housekeeper. Speaks for itself.


Finding ways to make our budget work. Right now, it says 2 years and we will be debt free with $10k in the bank, That would be a nice place to be......but there are things that are going to come up that are going to try and stop that progress.......so I will try to head those off. Hopefully my projection at the end of 2013 will still say the same as the beginning.


Cooking more from scratch, and doing a garden, and getting chickens. This will take a major confidence boost in myself and my abilities. It will also factor into Goal #2. The whole, having time to cook from scratch, garden, have chickens........you know.


Oh, and homeschooling. We are doing well but I wish I felt more like I am not flying by the seat of my pants all the time. I don't know if that just comes with time or if it is something I can actually work on.


I think that is enough for now. If I can master these I should be able to reach that "awesome" status that Carrie alluded to. Then next year my goal can be to just continue being awesome too. ;)

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I would have to agree that you are already awesome. Our weight, nor our homes, nor our debt define how awesome we are. We are all awesome in the fact that we try to make our little piece of the world a little bit better every day!

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What are you talking about, girl? You ARE awesome. :)

Your goals for 2013 all sound really good. I can't wait to hear how your garden & chicken adventures go.

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Well, you know I think you're awesome. I also think that those are all goals you can absolutely attain. I'm hoping to lose a pound a week (on average) this year. If you got pregnant right away then obviously you would have to delay that... but if you didn't and it took say 3 months then maybe you would be 10-12 pounds lighter. That would be great for you!


I think if you take it one step at a time then you can reach all of those goals. I don't know much about chickens or homeschooling but I do know that you can do it.

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