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December's Meal Plan




Well, it's another month and another day of struggle trying to get this thing thrown together. I feel like this month's meals are really meat heavy. I might cut a few of them if leftovers become overwhelming.


2-Rotisserie Chicken, red potatoes, veg

3-leftover chicken, potatoes, veg

4-Cresent Dogs, fries, veg

5-pasta bake, garlic bread(or french bread)

6-pasta bake, bread

7-Grilled Chicken salad

8-Hamburger helper

9-slow cooker chicken and rice

10-breakfast dinner

11-Ribs, apple salad


13-Hney brined chicken


15-Shepherd's pie


17-Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veg

18-Cresent dogs, fries, veg

19-Pasta bake, french bread

20-Pasta bake, french bread

21-Cheddar garlic fried chicken

22-Mongolian beef

23-Meatball sandwiches


25-Chrismas dinner (ham, cheesy potatoes, veggies......)


27-Breakfast dinner

28-Crispy cheddar chicken

29-Tacos, rice

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My December meal plan is to feed my husband low carb! Sounds easy, but with holidays in there it can be tough. So our meals will be meat and veggies. The hardest part is to keep this from getting repetitive!

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It occurs to me NOW that the 13th is likely hOney brined chicken.... But I read it HINEY brined chicken the first time, and thought, now I have to post and find out what exactly THAT is!!! *LOL*


You list looks fabulous!

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Yes definitely honey, not hiney! LOL Thanks. I had a few tweaks from DH like chicken and dumplings instead of rot. chicken but other than that, it was a go. Now to just go get all the groceries this weekend and we will be set.

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I am off by a few days. LOL I think we ate out one day that I wasn't accounting for so that would put us off. But one isn't that bad. I also with the busyness on the weekends and trying to get shopping done at naptime and such moved our pizza days around but I will just have to fill in with meals I was supposed to make.


It's all good. Oh, and the "hiney" chicken was delicious. Nerve wracking to make with small children but tasty!

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