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November's Meal Plan




Even though it's the 5th thought I would get this listed out somewhere in case something (or someone)happens to my dry erase board.


4-Cresent dogs, fries, green beans

5-Crockpot chicken cordon blue, chicken rice, green beans

6-Slow cooker meatball sandwiches, fruit

7-Chicken noodle soup, biscuits

8-Leftover soup, biscuits


10- Meatloaf, mashed taters, corn

11-Slow cooker chicken and rice

12-Breakfast dinner

13-Pork tenderloin, veggie, side

14-Crispy cheddar chicken, noodles, green beans

15-lasgna rolls


17-sweet chicken/rice

18-Turkey burgers, fries, baked beans

19-Mac and cheese, veggie

20-ribs, apple salad, bread



23-Josh's b-day out


25-Loaded baked potato soup

26-breakfast dinner

27-Tacos, rice

28-Crispy cheddar chicken, noodles, veggie

29-pasta bake, bread

30-pasta bake, bread

1- Hot turkey sandwiches, veggie



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LOL, you should hear me bellyache a few days before I have to sit down and come up with this stuff.


It isn't easy, but it does make the rest of the month flow well. When I don't forget things that is.

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Wow I am still on track for this month. And so far, the meals I have made that were new everyone liked (well a majority liked, we go by majority rules in this house. LOL)

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Our meals are about to get interesting, DH is going back on his low carb diet on Monday. For the first 2 weeks that means virtually no carbs in his food at all, even broccoli and peppers are too high in carbs for the first 2 weeks! It'll be mostly meat, eggs, fats, and lettuce.

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