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Running Totals........




We have probably 4 purchases that we just really have decided that we can't put off until spring or when the PMI goal is met. And they definitly can't wait til we are debt free. So, we are once again flaking these so that we can then move back to throwing everything at the PMI. I just wanted to keep a running total here to be accountable and know what was what.


October snowflakes= $274.32

Picked up infrared heater for the boys room -$148.25


Money Left= $126.07

Got the lawn mower lift -$211.99


Money Left= -$85.92


So looks like right now I am in the hole. Plus we got a raincheck for the generator, so when that comes in we will go and get that. Like at least $315 maybe.


The wheel weights and snow chains, I have no idea. I am hoping under $100 but not sure if we will be able to find them used or not. I am hoping that if the other things for the tractor are only $100 that we can do this in about 2 months or so. Crossing fingers!



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Eh, it wasn't as bad as I was afraid it would be, just the muffler. It's when the catalytic converter is bad too that it gets expensive. This is just one more paper cut in the thousand cuts....

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I feel that! I asked Josh to start doing some research about how much these chains and weights are going to be......then I will know for sure.


It was kinda funny when I was thinking about it this morning. My list of things that we are trying to flake are much like a debt list, in a way. Just keep working and ticking them off one at a time. Only this list seems to grow lately. LOL

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I know, our list is ever growing as well. Fortunately we seem to have completed most of the "the house will implode" items :-)

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Always good, finishing the "house is going to implode" list. ;)


I think I will also be adding registration for the kids co-op in about a month since I would rather not take from the snowball if I can help it. It is very close to pushing us out another month for the PMI, if we don't stick to the budget I have down. But then again, if we could hurry through these things, I can start to put flakes back toward the PMI also.


Semantics I guess.

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