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What is that saying...............




About good intentions?


Well, we were supposed to be flaking and working on getting our PMI paid off up to 22% so we can drop it. We really do not want to spend more than $1k to do it (which would be a little over 14 months). Of course we would like to do it as quickly as possible because the longer it takes, the more money every month I am paying for nothing. So we decided to put our wants/needs list on hold and throw everything at it.


All well and good.....until. SIGH Hate when that guy shows up.


We have to get some kind of heating upstairs. It was super warm in the summer so I was hoping it would be warm that way in the winter too. WRONG. It must be at least 10-15 degrees colder up there than downstairs. So a space heater is a must, either that or I can do zone heating or two furnaces. Isn't going to happen. So cheaper alternative is space heating.


Then we need to get some kind of generator. Because our neighbor pretty much said the power is going to go out. Looking into this one......not sure but the permanent units are a couple thousand. Probably not going to happen anytime soon either. So a portable unit is probably what we will go with.


Then the tractor needs wheel weights, snow chains and some kind of jack so that DH can install the blade. At least we already have the blade.


SO......since we are not going to take on more debt, looks like flakes will be flying around here until we can cover this more pressing winter needs.


I knew progress was too good to be true.



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No kidding! I was this close to sending in that payment too. Oh well, I picked up a heater today at Sams for $150, which is cheaper than the one we were looking at for $280. Just have to try to find good deals and flake like crazy........if we can get these things covered that we have to have, we can always go back to the PMI later.


I would love a partner in crime though. ;)

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Glad to be your partner! We're both in limbo of sorts. I won't feel like we're really making forward progress again until the HEL is paid off and we're FINALLY making extra payments on the monster student loan. That's because the HEL was new debt, it just has to go....as soon as the FFEF is full again :-)

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