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October 2012 Budget




We actually sat down and looked over the budget although DH was not as involved as I would have liked him to be.......gotta make him turn off the TV next time. LOL


Here it is, I know there is some fat on it but I also know that sometimes if we cut to the bone, I have a tendancy to give up in the middle.





Entertainment-$81 (this is high this month due to a zoo membership)






Home maintenance-$38





Dining out-$100

Gas for cars-$300


Clothing for kids-$25 (Olivia needs a coat and maybe for the kids Halloween costumes if I can find cute ones)


Date night-$50 (this might actually get cut since DH told me last night we should just take the kids with us :rolleyes: )


Gifts-$300 (this is our Christmas budget.......I just took it out now so I can shop early)

Blow-$30 ($15 for each of us)


Usually things like registration for the cars is just cash flowed that month (EEK that is next month) so that is why some things aren't listed.


Thanks for looking! :wub:



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What's DTE?


I don't see anything unreasonable in there. Your snowball is bigger than your mortgage, that's pretty cool!

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Electric. I think that our bills will actually be lower with that now that winter is approaching but I left it higher and the extra will just be a flake. It's hard to gage when just moving in, kwim?


I hadn't thought of that either. Thanks!

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I always try to budget a bit high on bills like electric. So for the summer I know I'll be between $180 and $220, depending on how many days the bill is for and how hot it was, so I budget $250 just in case it's especially bad.

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Ok, my budget just took a big hit with that window replacement. Hoping all the kids learned a valuable lesson from that one......I know I did!!!

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I am telling you, they are quick! We had two adults in the same vicinity and we were like......what the heck just happened? My friend was like tell me that didn't just happen. lol

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Yeah I was reading about that. I say keep your personal home finances separate from the rental if possible. Does is cashflow? Will there be enough from rent over the next several months to refill it's FFEF? If so then take it from there and don't worry.

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