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Update for us.....




Because who doesn't love an update! :)


Well, I guess if it is a good update that is. LOL


We are at almost 16% for our goal and after the beginning of next month we will be at over 20% so 1/5 of the way there. I think that we can manage to have the whole thing paid off by April of next year which would put us at 10 months for over $25k. Not too shabby. As long as everything goes according to my plan...wahahahahaha.


We have also talked and looked over the wants list that I posted in another blog entry and I think that for the most part we got the pressing want/going on a need off of there. So we are going to flake for the month of October toward the rest of the mattress and a few odds and ends that I stuck in there and then for the next 6 months we have decided to flake toward the PMI. Then once that six months has gone by we will probably come back to the list, reprioritize and hit those again for another six months. That seems like a fair compromise.


I hate that my mortgage will only let me make one payment. That is not how I like to flake things but I guess some people just don't want you to be FREE!!! :P

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1/5 of the way there, awesome job!


Yeah, only being able to make one payment a month would drive me nuts as well! Are you going to leave the flakes in checking or move them to savings for temporary safety?

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I might have to put them into a savings, right now they are in our ING account but sometimes it takes up to 10 days for them to be released so maybe keeping them in our local bank account might be better. I have many accounts to choose from.....sometimes I confuse myself. :)

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