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Wants List......That's right, I have wants! LOL




So DH and I sat down a few days ago and started making out our lists of wants (with a few minor needs thrown in for good measure).


I thought I would list them out here and then see how we do with them and how long they last......also thought that I might list out if I was able to get some good deals or not. These things will be paid for all with snowflakes with one exception. We refinanced the house that is now a rental and didn't have to make a payment in August. Since I had budgeted for us to make a payment (I didn't know that at the time) we are going to use that payment to give us a little jump start. I am ok with this since the extra check that DH gets this month is all going (every single penny) toward our PMI payoff goal. So we will begin with $853......let's see how far I can make that go.


1)Fees for the HSing co-op and also Moms Club for the year ($100)

2)Swimming lessons for the boys ($152)

3)Curtains ($154.69)

4)Garage Door Opener ($261)

5) Snow clearing Equipment ($75)

6)Swing Set ($250 including delivery)

7)Mattress for Evan's bed ($204.11)

8)Locks for the doors($163.16)

9)Shower curtain for the boys shower

10)Ice maker

11)Chicken coop

12)Faucet fixes

13)New stove

14)Fix for the minivan hatch door

15)Rabbit Hutch

16)SLR Camera (I was promised one of these for exclusively pumping for a year for DD and am having a hard time justifying the expense)

17)Table for the hall

18)Organizer system for the totes



20)New deck for the house

21)Compost bin

22)Rain barrel

23)KA mixer

24)gun (this is totally for DH, I don't want one!)

25)new comforter for our bed

26)shed for the backyard

27)heater for upstairs($148.25)

28)Mowing lift system($211.99)



So that is it for now.........obviously this list will grow and change with time. Some things that seem like priorities now will move up and down the list but for now this is what we are working with. Green Prices are set.......or things that are already bought. Looks like that payment will help us make our way a little down the list. Blue things have been added since we have ordered them so I figure in about three months we will see what can come off the list and reorder them again.



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This list is not a "million" things long! *L* Not to mention that it looks like it may be already half done! I think that this list is very reasonable and doable.


Do you have chickens yet? A suggestion, if you only have a couple of chickens, is to keep an eye out for a dog kennel. One of those made out of chain link fencing with a door on one end. And to put a cover on whatever coop you end up getting. Although not many folks know this.... chickens can really fly (at least over a 6 foot fence) and they can also climb.... weird as heck, but there it is.


And for locks for the doors, you know about the numbers on the boxes right? If they are the same they use the same key.


Don't forget to sign up for freecycle in your area.


Anyway, sounds like you are over the bump! Good job!

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Thanks! It isn't a million (I may have exaggerated a little ;) ) but I do already have a few things to add already.


We don't have any chickens yet but we are thinking somewhere between 5-10. I have developed an addiction to poached eggs on toast........we are going through an alarming rate of eggs because of this so I would like to get some now so they are ready to lay in the spring.


The locks are going to have to either be rekeyed or replaced. because the house was a foreclosure they broken the dead bolt and we only have one working key for the front door. So I can't access the garage by the door, the screen door....things like that. Not a huge expense but something that needs to be done at some point.


I don't know if there is a freecycle for this area but I am a member of the one big city that we live closest to.


Just trying to make that payment go as far as I can. We are off to Home Depot now to get a working garage door opener. Over half off what the other person quoted me and I have a coupon for $20 off I am hoping will work.

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Over half off what the other person quoted me and I have a coupon for $20 off I am hoping will work.


That would be awesome.... and let you get a little further down the list too! When we go to Home Depot or Lowes and spend more than $100, I always ask for the contractor's discount. I'm not a contractor, but I am in THIS case I tell them. *LOL* It's only 10%, but when you start out talking about $10 a trip, it's a nice little discount. Also if you carry a military ID card (retired or active duty) that would give you 10% off. (But you can only use one of those discounts at any time.) If you have a coupon for one or the other they will each honor the other store's coupon... And of course, I think they both price match with the other.


But half of the contractor's price is awesome too! *L*


Good luck!

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Ok, so they did take my coupon....kinda.


The guy at the installation desk told me that he couldn't do it there, so I could take it up to the CS desk to get my money. The CS guy said he had no idea why the guy would tell me that.....he can't access the system because it goes straight to the installers. But I think he felt bad that the guy had basically lied to me and gave me $20 off something else. I got water softener salt because it was the only thing I know we could use, so got 5 bags for $2. Now we won't need that for a while.


I wasn't even sure they would use the coupon, so bonus. Total for garage opener and install.....$266! YAY!

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OMGosh I love the kindness of strangers!!!!


We are going tonight on a 45 minute drive to see the swingset. I was talking to the guy yesterday, telling him that I needed to firm up a day and time to come and get it since we needed a truck to rent, and he offered to bring it to us.


He wants us to come tonight to see it, but he is going to deliver it to our house. How awesome is that??? I am tempted to offer him the price he was asking if he will reassemble it for us. We are soooo not good at that stuff. But if not, we will figure it out.

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Got the playset up and functioning......I need to work on attaching some things still but it is there. The kids are going to love it!


Now to find some inexpensive curtains and rods.

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