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I am frustrated with myself today.......




Just being very impatient with everything lately and I hate when I get like this.


Wanting the month to be over so that we can throw our snowball at the PMI on our mortgage. I know that it will get here but I want to do it now. I really need to follow up with the mortgage company and see if I can make an additional payment. I guess when we get paid next (which would be this Friday) I could just pay the mortgage then instead of waiting until the end of the month.


My unpacking is not going well at all. I want to get it done but then I get overwhelmed about it not being how I want it. There are things that I would like to organize to make our lives run more smoothly but I need things to get that done. Trying to be frugal about it and not just run out and buy whatever I would like to make that happen.


I want August to hurry up and get here. I want to be done with pumping for my daughter. I nursed my oldest (at least PT) until he was 21 months. My second until he was 15 months. And I cannot wait to be done with this. UGH! I hate that I feel that way but I do think (having done both now) that exclusively pumping is waaaay harder than nursing. I am not sorry that I am doing it, but I am counting down the days until her birthday and I don't want to feel like that. There are things that I want to do (like losing weight) that I simply cannot do until I am done. So I wait.........


Not patiently either!......May God give me the strength and wisdom to accept that some things cannot (or should not) be hurried. Life is way to precious for that.



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OMGosh, I love it! It is so much more space (almost 1000 sq ft) so I don't feel like we are all on top of each other. And it is peaceful here. I can take the kids out in the yard and play and not have to worry. I have even let them wander a little on their own. But not to far, since we have a pond in the front yard. Still gotta watch for that. LOL


I am still dealing with being a suburban girl in the country but once I get over the fact that there are more bugs, I think I will be just fine. Thanks for asking!


How are you guys doing?

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