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Today is the day.......




We have renters!


I went over today at 11 to meet with the girl and I handed her my keys and she handed me a check.


So why does part of me feel sad? I just kept telling myself that it still belongs to us. They are just going to live there for a while. And it's not like we don't like the new house. I love it! But sad just the same.


Oh well, now the fun of being a landlord begins. I am hoping we don't have any major problems but we are ready if we do.

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Congratulations! It will feel great when that first check arrives. But I'd probably feel a bit sad, too. I'm sentimental about our past homes, be they our first house we sold or our three earlier apartments. Memories.

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We have lived there for 7 years so all the kids were born there (well not THERE but ykwim) and I think that had something to do with it.


Olivia's eyes got really big when we went into her old room on the walk through. Like she remembered it. lol

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