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Making progress.........FINALLY!




I am so excited! After only paying minimums on our debts since Dec of 2010, we are finally, thankfully, going to start getting somewhere.


Granted our first order of business is now to pay down on the new house that we bought so we can get out of the PMI as quickly as we can. But I am confident that we can get out of that in a year (or less if we get it rented). I am determined because after that it is on to our SLs. That is something that I cannot wait for.


I borrowed $527 for a garage door fix from a different account and am happy to report that this month (if I can find $28 more dollars) it will be paid back in full.


So next month snowflakes will be going to things for the new house, and snowballs will be going to the PMI paydown. We decided to do it this way because if we put everything toward the payoff, I don't think we would make it. I mean half my windows don't have anything on them, and you find out you need 3 shower curtains now instead of 1. (well I don't NEED 3 but YKWIM) And waiting three or more years for things like that isn't doable. So we compromised.


Now I am off to make my first house payment. With a $100 snowball added to the principle! :) Stupidly excited. LOL


Oh, and on the two house front. Looks like at least two people are going to apply for our house. DH has about 6 more showings throughout the weekend. And I just reposted his CL ad last night so I am sure we will be getting more. If that goes through all that money will go toward the PMI payoff since it is extra. I just made the budget work with the two houses in it so anything we get is extra toward principle. At almost $1k a month, that should help us pay it off that much quicker. YAY



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Will it let me comment today?


That's so great that you're finally making progress again! I also hate the feeling of being "stuck", even if it is for a good cause!

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Thanks Zaga! It was a long, long wait there, almost a year and a half. But looks like we are moving forward.


Also, yesterday I received a $100 partial deposit on the rental house, so it looks like we have renters. WOO HOO!

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And I do understand, we used a bit of the FFEF a few days ago to keep my car running safely, and now I won't be able to send in a large payment to the HEL next month. It's driving me batty! and that's just for the one month!

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