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Second Half of 2012 Goals




I am taking a cue from Zaga and setting some clear goals for us in the second half of 2012 so we don't just wander around aimlessly.


Goal #1- Get moved into the new house on Thursday with as small amount of stress as possible.


Goal #2-Get unpacked (and this includes everything by August 1st. While this seems like a long time to some, I still had a few boxes in this house that I just came across when we moved in 7 years ago. Don't want that to happen again. ;) It was difficult to figure out what to do this time, so I am going to go through what we are moving and find a place or out the door it goes.


Goal #3(my personal favorite)- Pay off $15,560 toward this house so that only $10k is left until we can drop PMI. We are choosing to pay this down before paying off the SLs because if we can get 22% paid off, they will drop PMI and my payment will go down $75 a month. Good deal. Then onto the SLs but this comes first. We will be using our snowball to accomplish this but probably not flakes that we come up with. Those will probably be going toward things for the new house. I figure that way I can get some things done there but not melt my snowball.


Goal #4- Make our list of things that need to be flaked and put in priority order. Got a start in my head but really need to get it on paper.


That should do for now. Off to more packing. :)



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My friend came over to see the house yesterday and brought her boys.........5 kids under 7 in our house (and only my little girl). But she said she wanted to help me unpack. We actually just organized the garage a little better and then brought in boxes and put them in the right rooms but it's a start. It is still June so I still have some time.


I don't really have anything else going on this week except a run to the grocery store today so I should be able to get a lot more done the rest of this week. I say I should because with three kids you never know how your day will run...........lots of shoulds, ifs and buts in there. lol

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Oh, and I paid at least $100 toward goal #3 yesterday also. I won't know the exact number until tomorrow when the payment clears since part of our regular payment will go to principle too but I will see (hopefully in the morning!)


Next month will be much better since we will have renters and our snowball!

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So it posted sometime earlier today.....We own 0.2% of our house! WOO HOO!!!! Oh, that is awful. LOL


I took a quick box count and it looks like it stands at about 61 boxes left. So about 2 a day.....that doesn't seem that bad. Now when you say 61 that is kind of daunting.....but 2 a day. :)

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