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Aye Corona(virus)



I don't know about you, but I'm getting corona-weary.  I never thought I'd experience something like this in my lifetime. Previous generations had wars and unrest and uncertainty.  I know 9/11 changed so much about how we lived our lives, but this coronavirus feels like it is changing our society on a more personal level.  I don't know how long it will be before it peaks in our country, but I do know that how people communicate and interact with each other, for business, leisure, well-being is changing. In a way it feels like we're beginning to look up from our phones and other devices to see each other, and at a time when having the technology and communication network those same phones and devices represent provides a safe way to do so.  

DSHome's work is having him work from home a couple of days a week to reduce the number of people in the office at the same time. My office is allowing flexible hours between 6A and 7P plus half-day over the weekend. I don't have work-technology to allow me to work from the house at this point, but they may be working something out to get the right equipment to allow VPN. If that happens, I'll likely do a combo of working from home, working in the office, and taking some annual leave.

Nothing is changing for DSAway as his classes were already online, and he wasn't planning to attend the graduation ceremonies, so if they are cancelled (as they probably will be), he'll not be disappointed or missing out on something he wanted to do.

DH's biggest inconvenience was the closing of the public library. He had a book on hold that he was going to get last Saturday but they sent out the closing notice on Friday after they were already closed. But believe me, he will not run out of things to read based on the stack of books he's been meaning to get to at home.

Because we buy loss-leaders and stock up routinely, we were not part of the "woe is me, I can't find toilet paper" crowd.  We had purchased our three-month supply a few weeks ago.  We did lay in some extra groceries so we don't have to go into the store / mingle with other people.  Restaurants are still open in our area and we agreed to help support them as we can through take-out service a little more than usual.  (It's nice to be in BS7 where we can do that.)  

What's been interesting to me is how much people are sharing with how to make the most of closed schools through  instructional classes, information, etc.  Virtual tours, exposure to art and opera and painting and all sorts of things. Businesses stepping in to help sustain their communities even when its costing them what little margin they may have.  Big businesses expanding their community outreach.

Anyway, I hope our LLNOE friends stay well and weather this storm successfully.  Be safe. Be well. 

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To help keep all this in perspective, a friend of mine was speaking with a 90+ year old World War II Vet. He says he was sorry what everyone is going through at the moment. But it's nothing compared to what they had to go through in the 1940's during World War 2. We are being quarantined to our couches in our homes, they were being sent off to war. Not to mentioning all the rationing going on back in the day. 

I think what is going on now is a small taste of what our Parents, Grand Parents and now Great Grand Parents had to endure during the great war. I am not complaining so much anymore.

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For those of us who are seniors and have cancer or heart disease (me and DH) or other health issues, this virus is a life and death matter.  We won’t even get into the $200k we’ve lost in our retirement accounts the past two weeks.

Lots of people are worrying about their small businesses failing or losing their jobs and health benefits.  This is about a lot more than a paid staycation.

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4 hours ago, Roy said:

We are being quarantined to our couches in our homes, they were being sent off to war. Not to mentioning all the rationing going on back in the day.

For most people it is an inconvenience, but for others life and death.  I will happily be inconvenienced to help not make someone sick.  I really feel for businesses and employees financially hard hit.  We will just have to ride it out.  

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People are complaining about a bit more than sitting on a couch.  People are losing their jobs and their livelihoods.  

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I have been typing up interviews my mom did with WWII survivors and have found it very interesting. Someday, my grandkids (should I be blessed with any) may ask about my experiences in the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. So strange to be living in a moment you know will make history.

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