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Murphy follow-up




So there was a leak in the a/c for the vehicle to the tune of $875+.  And our home a/c needed a relay replaced when we had its annual service, so that was $245 (inclusive of the annual service fee).  We did get the new dishwasher but it is sitting in the garage until after our next payday.  We are putting in the application for a $40 credit on our utility bill because of the  new dishwasher.  Everything was cash flowed and we were still able to add some to the savings, but not as much as we wanted.  

I had a slight panic moment last weekend when paying bills in that I thought I had missed the car payment and was going to be late... of course I hadn't, since we didn't have one!  

Our DSs are finishing up the semester; one more week for DS-away and two weeks for DS-home.  DS-away will move home for summer to do his paid internship.  Thirty hours a week, so that's more than he originally expected.

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