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Go away, Murphy




Murphy is trying to knock on the door.  Our 21-yr old dishwasher is on its last legs; we've kept it going the last couple of months while finishing up what we owed other people, but now we need to figure out what to do.  We switched to using a different cycle which seemed to help, so we think something is wrong with the sensors, but even on the shortest cycle, it's still not reliable.  We have $750 in the "home appliance replacement" fund that we could put towards it; there are several places that have sales ongoing and we've called the plumber to see what he would charge to do the installation.  We have looked and with the sales going, it should fall within our budget.  If we find with tax, etc., that we don't have enough to buy it and get it installed , we can delay the installation for a week or so.

The other Murphy thing is the A/C on the car we just paid off is not working properly.  We googled and found it's a relatively common problem with the type of vehicle.  DH is calling the service department this week to find out what our options are.  We have a car maintenance fund but if we need to replace the compressor, it will either have to wait or we'll have to move money from the dishwasher to the car and then just wait on the dishwasher replacement.  We can wash dishes by hand a lot longer than we can drive around without a/c as we're heading into the warmer months (over 90 out yesterday).

In the meanwhile, we'll tighten up the flexible spending areas so we can refill the sinking funds accordingly while still working towards rebuilding our savings.  I am thankful that neither of these are emergencies.



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I know what you mean.

In the last 2 weeks had a big car repair on our older car, we had to get our dryer fixed, and since murphy likes to come in 3's I'm waiting for the next one.  The good thing is that thanks to my in laws and me being home since my work schedule is intermittent we were able to survive on our 1 car with some borrowing of their car and some errands/kid pick up from school run by the in laws so we didn't have to rent a car while our car was in the shop.

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Years ago I was driving around a $1k Craigslist-mobile that needed an a/c compressor. The cost to repair it would have been almost half the value of the car! Seriously, I think it was $400-500 dollars for a new one. My husband found one on ebay for $30! And then he and his brother fixed it themselves. I was one happy camper! Maybe a deal like that could come along for your car.

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Man, our toilet seat broke, well that's number 3, so hopefully Murphy will stay away.

Looking for pennies, not Murphies.

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17 hours ago, namaste said:

Man, our toilet seat broke, well that's number 3, so hopefully Murphy will stay away.

Looking for pennies, not Murphies.

At least it's not a big fix!

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