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Vacation Plans




We've planned our first debt-free vacation!  We're doing a weeklong cruise to Bermuda, paid for in cash.  It will be later this year.  This is the first vacation we've ever done that we haven't used a credit card to reserve / pay for.  It's very cool to know that we aren't going to have to pay for it, because we've paid for it!  Does that make sense?  We budgeted for our onboard expenses and excursions, too, and have that set aside in a separate envelope.  It feels a bit surreal to have a vacation to look forward to after not for so long.    

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Enjoy making your plans, and then taking a memorable trip that will mean even more because you won't be facing new debt when you return home!


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We are going on a cruise in July to celebrate 12 years of married bliss! We are heading to the Caribbean! Cruises are a lot of fun. Especially when you are paying in cash. Enjoy! 

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We went to Disneyland on our first debt free vacation.  Kiddos were 3 and 5 and I remember it like it was yesterday! Congratulations!

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