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Grocery shopping post-BS2




It's been a long time since I browsed the aisles at the grocery store.  I shop with a list, with coupons, with the ad, with a relatively decent plan for what we're going to eat in the next week.  I look for loss leaders, stock up where I can, etc.  But today I took the time to actually look at the shelves and think about how we can add some variety to our "rice and beans" but still maintain an appropriate grocery budget.  My "splurge" was a box of oven-ready gluten-free lasagna noodles that came with instructions for making the lasagna.  It doesn't call for meat and the jarred sauce was BOGO as was the mozzarella and the store-brand ricotta cheese.  I didn't know any of that when I picked up the box of noodles, but it sure made me happy that my "splurge" wasn't going to be so much of a "splurge" after all.  

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I still grocery shop like I’m in BS 2!  There are a few things I  “splurge” on like prepackaged snacks for the kids’ lunch (versus large bags and dividing them myself). But overall I see my grocery shopping habits as a way to save so I can spend that $ on something better!!

I’m glad your splurge wasn’t too expensive!

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