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Hosting Friends and Talking Budgets




We had some friends drive out to visit us this past week. They actually ended up saving us more money than anything. They bought toiletries, water and lots and lots of food! 

I have all of my debts listed on a BIG white board in the nook that's supposed to serve as a dining room (I guess). The board has notes about what to consider in the budget for next month, goals for the current month, and sometimes it'll have notes to Spouse since we are rarely home at the same time. It also has the progress bar from FPU with the Baby Steps next to it. 

My friend inquired about how to budget. So, we sat down and I put some notes in the notepad in her phone about budgeting to fulfill BS1 and how the debt snowball works in BS2. I gave her some budgeting apps to play with and showed her how I use my calendar to make sure my pay periods line up with my bills etc...

Spouse was listening to everything.

Spouse: The budgeting thing works. The credit cards are paid off and everytime I look at the bank account, there's $3,000 in there. I don't know how there happens to be money in the bank AND we're paying off the cards, but it works.

Me: There's not $3,000, but thank you for ankowledging my hard work.

Spouse: *looks at our friend*  But you won't have ANY fun. None. At all.

Me: Not true! We have a small Resturant category, an amusement category AND you get Blow money! 

Spouse: *Still looking at our friend* You have very little fun. All that money can be spent in 3 days.

Friend: How much is it? 

Me: $50 for Resturants, $60 for Amusement and $100 for her blow money. If it were up to me, it would be $100 for all of it put together.

Friend: Yeah, I can spend that in a day.

Friend's 14 yo son: That's why you need a budget, Mom! 


I do want to say that we must be doing something right if we aren't having ANY FUN at all. LoL 

I am super glad that Spouse is acknowledging that the budget works!!!! Yay!!!! That was the highlight of my week!!

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