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Amazon is Goin' Down




I REALLY miss updating my signature. I'm going to do it here to get my fix :P 

Please note that  LAST credit card has no more commas! I'm not sure if I shared this, but my last monthly goal was to get the Amazon card to $1,000  by the end of July's 2nd budget period (which was Aug. 3rd). I didn't think I was going to reach it, but I did!!!!! I try to set some of the goals just out of reach to keep my Gazelle feet moving! So proud!! 

The goal for Aug. is to have the Amazon card paid off by Aug. 18th at the latest. My mom knows a lawyer in her Bible Study class and she INSISTED that we reach out to her, even though she is in another state. My mom said that the lawyer assured her that there is a path to citizenship that will not send Alicia to Mexico. Well..... I'm just going to say there was no new information that we had not already heard :( The only thing that we are holding out for is the DREAM Act, which has failed to pass through Congress every year for the last 7 years. But, It's in the House again right now. We try not to get too excited because it's devastating Every. Single. Year. when it fails. 

To end on a high note, I did not have to go to work today so I got some much needed sleep! I slept until 8am, took Alicia to work and the cat to the vet. I came back home and slept from 9-noon! Then, I work up for an hour and went back to sleep until 3:00pm!!! It was a total of ELEVEN glorious hours of sleep!! I really needed it! Now, I'm not so bitter about the next 3 months of "Mandatory Overtime." Bring it on! Maybe I'll be singing the NO CAR NOTE song sooner than February. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXXH4Fm9qh8  So READY to get rid of these debts! 


Dee-1 also has a song about paying Sallie Mae back :) I heard about him when he visited Dave's studio last week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqbXQa05Z6c  It helps keep me motivated.

Start Date: Feb. 1, 2017

BS1: Done. Feb. 18, 2017

BS2: *In Progress* $90,164 to pay off

                  Paid / Remaining    Completed

Chevron $2,313/ $0                  Mar. 3, 2017

Capital 1 $3,959/ $0                 May 23, 2017

Phone       $454 / $0                 July 10, 2017

Amazon  $6,186/ $944           

Car                $0/ 11,956

All Loans       $0/ 71,887



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