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Paying in Cash




I want to share something that I got to do with cash, that I had never done before. 

Spouse's phone was a lease and was given back about 2 weeks ago. We have an old iPhone 5 that still worked; Spouse was going to use it until we had finished budgeting for a phone she wanted. I told her she could pick any fancy new phone she wanted because she's been pretty great about the budget for the past 6 months. I said we would probably have to budget for 3 months. 

Well, the phone kept turning off and Spouse missed her alarm. There's nothing like arriving 3 hours late to overtime on a Saturday to make you realize that you need a reliable phone. Sure, we could've bought a $5 alarm clock. Yes, we could've paid $100 to have the phone fixed. Yes, there was probably some other solution. However, our 2-yr. anniversary was the next day (8 years together!) so I took the money we did manage to save, and pulled the rest out of the budgeted snowball (about $200) and walked into the store with Cash in hand! 

I paid for a phone IN CASH. The woman that helped me had to ask her co-worker how to check to see if the bills were real. Apparently, not many people pay in cash. It made me giggle, but I also felt a sense of control. I got one that had a scratch on the back, (apparently it's a $75 scratch) and I saved $80 by not doing payments. Spouse had not chosen the latest and greatest phone, like I thought she would have. It was a Samsung S7 or 7S... idk. Anyway, it was almost $200 less than the new S8 version. 

All in all, we got the phone for just over $400! And I paid cash!!



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