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Interview #3




Sometimes I think my job WANTS to catch you off guard!

I had my last interview on Monday. Since then, I've had another casual type of interview with the other boss of the building. 

That one did go really well.

Then, I went to work on Wednesday for overtime before my shift.

*Note* I ALWAYS schedule my overtime to end 2 hours before the start of my regular shift so that I can go home, walk Bubbles, and relax a bit before going back. I like to take a nap and pretend that I am waking up for the first time before work tbh. It helps me to not get burned out by the overtime as fast. 

So, I'm at work and about halfway through my overtime, one of the managers says I have an interview THAT DAY with a Corporate guy! 

I rush home, walk the dog, pick out a new outfit, touch up my makeup, straighten my hair again, shave my legs, practice my About Me in the mirror, and head back to work. 

Boss Man's advice to me, "Keep your answers short and concise. Only elaborate when he asks."

Sure. No problem Boss!

Then, I realize that it's a phone interview.... A PHONE interview! I gave up my Reset-the-day nap to get ready for a phone interview?!? 

Regional Manager: Have we met in person yet? 

Me: No. I was really looking forward to that.  (To self: Today would've been ideal, don't you think?!)

later in the interview.... 

Him: Tell me about a time when you have failed and what you did about it  

Me without a moment's hesitation (and slightly offended): I don't fail. There has never been a time that I have failed. 

To self: Oh crap! He's going to think you're an idiot! Do something....

Me: I may have not reached my goal when I wanted but that isn't "failing." It just takes a little longer to win in that situation. Let me elaborate...

To self: So much for short and concise :/

Me: Blah blah... It's all about your definition of failure... blah blah. So, I can tell you about a time where I didn't win the way that I initially wanted to instead...

Soooo, I think that interview could have gone better but, it wasn't a total failure. LoL 

I don't do as well on phone interviews as I do in person. Apparently, I still have another interview with the Director of Sales next  I feel like I'm applying for a corporate position! Interviewing with all these important people!! 

My coach says that she never talked to anyone from corporate when she applied for this position. So, I'm just going to take that and pretend that I am Super Special! In my head, I'm pretending that all of my interviews have gone SOOO well that Corporate people want to get a glimpse of how awesome I am! 



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