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Unplanned Interview




OMG! I had an unplanned interview today! No makeup, no cute hair, no super professional suit.... NOTHING!

I got to work today and was told that I am having my 2nd interview today. It was supposed to be for NEXT WEEK! So, I put down the coffee, scouted out some gum (for the coffee breath), ran to the bathroom, to check my hair, and became VERY thankful that my outfit was more on the business side than business casual. 

It's funny because I always say, "It's not about the luck associated with being at the right place at the right time. It's about always being ready." I was not feeling particularly ready! 

Well, the interview seemed to go really well regardless. I know there is at least one more interview left so, I'll be in make up everyday moving forward! I don't normally wear makeup to work, so it's not like I looked crazy different from my usual self. However, I really WAS planning to make a pleasing-to-the-eye good first impression on the lady I had never met before.  

I do like the speed in which things seem to be progressing. I just wasn't prepared for it to be this fast! 




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