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The doc's FINAL appt




Dh's LAST diabetes appt was today.  18 months ago or so his A1C (blood sugar) was somewhere around 11.8 or something like that... high enough that he ended up in the ER, and freaked himself out.  

My last update was 6 months ago, where we learned about "partial remission", and with this appointment his A1c was 5.4 (NORMAL) and since it's been that way for a year without meds or surgery... the doc called it "FULL remission" and says she doesn't need to see us anymore!!!  He still has to keep an eye on the A1c every 6 months or so, but all the reprecussions have reset back to what they were before.

So now, we're kinda done with this season of life.  *whew!*   Best part for me, I mean other than having DH healthy, is that the doc has now seen it work, she now knows that it's possible and has helped one other person (her second) to go off the meds and control their blood sugar on their own.  Which I think is just awesome!  Our journey helped one other person..... And that makes me happy.  =0)

It's not all rainbows and posies.... he is still more susceptiple to it, it could come back, no promises.  I don't think they do a whole lot of studies about this, and I don't know how many people end up right back where they started once they've been "in remission" for an extended period of time, but all that we'll just have to take one day at a time.  And if it ever does come back, we'll deal with it.  But for now.....


=0)  and I'm a happy girl!!


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How wonderful! I know you both have worked very hard on diet and other lifestyle changes to make a big difference, and now you can enjoy the good report. One day at a time--and you are so much more knowledgeable and equipped to do battle with that issue if it ever comes up again.  I'm rejoicing with you!

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Wow that is GREAT news.. I was diagnosed last year with 9.7 A1C.. I am now at 5.6 so it is coming down but still considered diabetic.. I can say before this I didn't know a thing about diabetes and I have learned a whole lot.. Probably not enough though.. 

So happy for you both..

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Hi KBOL,  I thought that 5.6 WAS normal.... I think 5.7 is actually "normal" so you are actually doing great!  Most doctors will say that once you have been diagnosed, you will always be diabetic, you will just be "well controlled".  So maybe that is what the doctor meant?

We like the "Diabetic Living" recipes for diabetic friendly meals.  Especially "Meals by the Plate".  When we were first starting out, that was the book we used the most.  And remember herbs and spices are FREE!!!  *LOL*  I always thoought of diabetic food as bland, but now that I can have my spices, it's not that different at all.

Congratulations on getting your numbers down!!  That's always exciting.  =0)

Good luck and keep up the good work!

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