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Paid off the Phone




Today is bittersweet. My co-worker who was going to the FPU classes with me quit her job today. She still had another week left, but our boss said she could go today if she wanted some time off before starting her new job. So she left  She was my work-wife and I miss her! She's the one that has cut off my last bracelet when I paid off my Capital One card


I paid off the phone today!


It's after midnight so I let my friend who is visiting help me celebrate. Her son cut off the bracelet that represents the phone lease that I wasn't allowed to pay off early. It's really great to finally get it out of the way and to add that $18 payment to the snowball! However, I miss my co-worker! I thought I had more time 


It's silly, but anyway...


There are 3 bracelets left. The student loans (for all 11 loans), the car, and the last credit card that I will ever carry a balance on.


We had to turn Spouse's phone in unless we wanted to pay $200 to keep it (Spouse hates it). So, we activated my old phone for her to use until we saved for a new one. I let her pick out the one she wants to save for and told her, "You can get any phone your heart desires, but you have to wait 3 months for it." Well, the sales guy was showing us the phones and kept talking about how we had $600 in credit with Sprint. We could do a 2-year lease and only pay the payments for 18 months before being eligible for a new one with Android Always or iPhone Forever plans (or whatever they call it). Nope. Nope. Nope.


I will never lease or make payments on another phone again. I'm excited that my phone bill is going to be $18 less next month and every month after that.


Well, the salesman is a salesman of course. So he agreed with me about not leasing phones and he started telling me that I could use my credit for a watch with an integrated Fit Bit or a Go Pro. LoL


Good try Mr. Salesman, but I'm not buying! I am currently wearing $78K in debt on my wrist. Nope.


Good bye phone lease, good by phone, good bye tiny bracelet... hello bigger snowball!




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