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FPU Week 4




FPU Week 4. Dumping Debt.


Spouse seemed to be all ears. I really do appreciate that SHE (I'm making an effort. LoL) seems to pay attention and not just playing on her phone or something like that.


*Getting into small groups*


Spouse: How many questions are there (to discuss)?

Me: Just 2.

Spouse: Yay!


Question 1: What would you do if you were completely out of debt?

Me: I would save for our FFEF and for a house, and retirement so that I can take care of my family... blah blah blah mushy stuff...

Spouse: I want more money to travel and to drink.

Me: *thinking to self* These people are going to think you're an alcoholic!

Me: Anything else?

Spouse: No. I just want my money back. (As in what's left after we split the bills instead of my budgeting it out)


TBH, I think this is the only reason Spouse agreed to move on to the car together.


Originally, Spouse agreed to "hand over her check" until the credit cards were paid off... because car payments are normal. So, we were planning to split the bills and the minimum snowball to throw at the car. Then, the remaining portion of her check would go to her while I tackled my loans with the remainder of my check.


Now, Spouse has agreed to move on tackling the car together. I had mentioned that we should be able to have it paid off 6 months after finishing the credit cards. I think that helped. So, I know things are moving in the right direction. I really think that she just wants her money back. She would get about $200 per month unless she does overtime. She normally gets $50 as blow money, but I gave her an extra $100 for her birthday. AND she has an extra $100 for next month since it's our anniversary. So it's not like I'm hoarding all of her money 


If she hasn't come around by the time we pay off the car, we'll put her half of the minimum snowball toward BS3 while I use my half of the snowball to pay off my loans. So, our plan may have BS2 and BS3 going at the same time.... MomTo6 was right. We have to do the plan our way instead of trying to force Spouse to do something she isn't happy about. As long as we are still working toward the right direction, I am content.


One step at a time.




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