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FPU Week 3




FPU Week 3

This is the class I had been waiting for! Cash Flow Planning (aka the Budget lesson) I was thinking that Spouse was REALLY going to be inspired to jump on board! Up until this point, Spouse wasn't very interactive with the videos and, when it came to group discussions, Spouse kept it short and sweet.

Well, Spouse was finally laughing at DR's jokes and was nudging me to stand up when prompted. I was GLOWING in my seat! 


Group discussions start with the first question "... then share what you think about doing a zero-based budget."


Spouse: She's doing a good job with the budget. I guess it's zero-based, but I have no intention of writing it out. 

Me: What?  

Spouse: You said I had to come to the classes, read the book, and participate in the discussions. I am not doing the budget. I don't care what DR says. 

Me:  ...


I think I wanted to cry before getting a little angry. Then, I had to pause and remember that I did not explicitly mention doing the budget together.... EVEN THOUGH I've been excited about it ALL WEEK long. You better believe that Spouse knew I was excited to do it together. I even said, "I am holding off on doing July's budget so that we can do it together." 

For the rest of the discussion, I was the one keeping it short and sweet while Spouse was being the most talkative person in the group. 


One of the discussions was, "Name some categories that you could use envelopes for."


Spouse: I don't like when Cherie gives me the envelopes. I just take what I need, and put it my pockets. It does get annoying when I have to separate my money from what's left over when I go grocery shopping. 


Later, Spouse is talking to my co-worker who is doing the class with us and was telling her about "BORROWING" from the grocery envelope to get a haircut or "EMBEZZLING" the money.       All while laughing about it!!!


So, after we were all done, I checked the grocery envelope and there was $60 left in it from the last time it was filled. This is one day after we got paid. I had just put $130 in there for the next 2 weeks and didn't really look to see what was left. When I originally flipped though it, I saw $1's and $5's and just assumed it was what was a few dollars. I don't know how, but I had missed 2 $20's. So, I told Spouse that we were going to lower the food budget and was met with a hard NO.


....so NOW you want a say-so in the budget?... How interesting.... Because 20 minutes ago, you didn't even want to write a budget. 


So, we aren't really talking about that anymore. Spouse reasoned that since we have a friend coming over in a few days, that we should have more grocery money for them. I'm yelling in my head, 'IF YOU HAD SAT DOWN TO LOOK AT THE BUDGET, YOU'D SEE THAT IT IS BEING ACCOUNTED FOR!'


I finished July's budget by myself and am a bit heartbroken about my most anticipated lesson going so horribly wrong. 

Maybe I'll feel better in a day or two, but right now, I feel like releasing Spouse from the chains and saying, "You don't have to go to the class anymore." 


I'm sure that I will NOT say that... but I really wanted to. 



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