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FPU week 2




Week 2 of FPU:

*watching DR talk about marriage and unity and BOTH of us contributing to the budget*

DR: Free Spirits, raise your hand...

Me: *looks over and nudges Spouse to participate*

Spouse: I'm up!

Me: Were you sleeping???!? 

Spouse: Not anymore. Was I snoring? 

Me: I hope you enjoyed your nap because we are going to watch the whole video again when we get home. 

Spouse: DR said you, "The Nerd" are controlling me, the "Free Spirit." You're right. This guy knows what he's talking about. 


LoL I don't even know what to say! 


I knew Spouse was tired. The new promotion started on Monday, so Spouse wanted to get all the loose ends tied up with the current position before Monday rolled around. This meant that Spouse worked from 7am-11pm on Friday and from 7:30am-4:30 pm on Saturday. The class is at 6:30 pm. We didn't watch the video when we got home because Spouse fell asleep in the car and went straight to bed. 


I'm not mad though. I heard Spouse listening to the audio version of the lesson when I came home from work today.

Spouse says the plan is to watch the video later this week and we can talk about it in detail later. 


Spouse doesn't particularly care for Rachel Cruz. She did a short segment on the video and Spouse said she doesn't have the communication skills that DR has. I think she's ok. I just don't like hearing her talk about her struggles with money. It just doesn't hit home like DR. I think it's because I assume she has never had to struggle to get out of debt. 


Anyway, sleeping spouse or not, that was my favorite lesson so far!!!


---------------June 21st-------------

Posted June 21

   On 6/20/2017 at 3:48 AM, Mary said: 

Cherie -I agree with your spouse Rachel grates on my nerves. I find the other DR public speakers fine. Some are clearly better than others but Rachel doesn't fit the roll she is in properly IMO.


I think part of it is just because she can't speak to the harsh realities of paying off debt, or even having to pick up pieces of your life after something like bankruptcy. if I had to guess, I'd say that 80% + of people that do the baby steps spend time in BS 2 and she just can't speak to them wholeheartedly. 


I read an old thread somewhere on here about her doing a cooking video or something. It was.... strange. LoL



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