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Coming in Under Budget




2 weeks ago, when Alicia had the rental car that broke down, Budget had to charge her for another car but they told us that we would get a refund for that amount and also give us a partial refund since she had to leave the car in Montana and not do a round-trip like we originally planned. Well, the refund posted today and it was more than we expected! 

With that, we came in $233 under budget for the wedding! Sooooo excited! We ended up only spending $96.19 (+ $7 on gas that we just tacked on to our regular gas category). 

Spouse only went to one outing and hardly spent any built-in Blow money. 

This is really great news because we are having a friend come visit us for 2 weeks. She has a baby and a toddler. Spouse didn't want her to have to drag 2 car seats onto the plane so we are buying a car seat for her to use while she's here. I've already budgeted an increase in the grocery envelope for food, but it'll be nice to have an extra cushion just in case the kids need something unexpected. So, I'm using $100 as a kid buffer and the other $133 will be added to the snowball!!



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