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FPU Week 1




Day 1 of FPU:

I think I'm in for some kicking and screaming.... well, the adult version of it anyway.

Classes are Saturday evenings. We were running errands prior to the class.


Spouse: How long is it going to be?

Me: About an hour and a half or so.

Spouse: I thought you said it was only an hour!

Me: I said the videos are an hour. 




Spouse: Can we leave after the video?

Me: No

Spouse: Can I drink before we go?

Me: Absolutely not.

Spouse: Can I opt out?

Me: Nope


*during the group discussion portion of the class*


Coordinator: You're out of debt, have a fully funded emergency fund..... (Essentially, you've hit BS 7)... What are you looking forward to doing?

Me: Traveling with Spouse. I like to save and I'm not big on traveling whereas that's something that Spouse LOVES. 

Spouse: .... I don't know....I guess... 

Me:    ...


Lord Jesus help me PLEASE!    


I couldn't help but to laugh.... I applaud Spouse for going but I just couldn't deal. It was like dragging a kid to the dentist.... No enthusiasm. None. Just.... wow.

The people were nice and my co-worker was there to participate.

When we got home, I printed out the Quick Start Budget and tried to get Spouse to help me fill it in. Spouse was fine as far as looking at it. There were a lot of I-don't-knows and Whatever-you-wants... but it's done.

I've already done the homework, the extra credit, watched all the tutorials on the web site and am thinking of watching the next video. LoL Just EIGHT more weeks to go. Hopefully, Spouse will connect with something in the next class.


On 6/13/2017 at 2:23 AM, Plinda said:

Well, that sounds like fun . Make sure you thank him and mention to him throughout the week how much you appreciated that he went with you. Hopefully, he'll stick with it and you'll at least see little things change week by week.

Will do! And I hope you're right about the little changes. Right now, I'll take what I can get <3


  On 6/13/2017 at 8:45 AM, cadberry said:

I'm glad he went, and like someone else said, definitely make sure he knows that you appreciate it - if nothing else, his going with you is something he is doing for you (and hopefully it will become something he is doing for himself and the family as things progress). My unsolicited advice would be to tamp down your enthusiasm with him (that's what we're here for!) so he'll still understand it is important to you but you don't want to make it where he starts feeling guilty for not being as enthusiastic as you are. Like you, I would have raced home to watch everything again, the extra videos, do the homework, etc.


Keep us posted each week!

Good advice! I can't help but to be excited, but you're right. I can see it doing more harm than good doing this early stage. Good thinking! This is why I love having y'all! I will try to curb my excitement as much as possible.


Will keep you posted.



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